350 Status Check @srd.sassa.gov.za SASSA SRD Appeal, Status, Payment Date, Banking Details

Check out details about 350 Status Check @srd.sassa.gov.za SASSA SRD Appeal, Status, Payment Date, and Banking Details from this article. Various information regarding 350 Status Check @srd.sassa.gov.za SASSA SRD Appeal, Status, Payment Date, Banking Details, and other important details are included in this article.

350 Status Check

Social relief of distress is a form of temporary assistance designed for individuals who are experiencing extreme financial hardship and are unable to provide basic necessities for their households. Therefore, individuals who meet the eligibility requirements for Social Relief of Distress benefits may apply for this important grant. This can be helpful for them to obtain financial support and other significant benefits.

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R350 Payment Status Check

Did not received Payment?

To check the 350 Status, eligible applicants can visit the authorized web portal of the South African Social Security Agency. Moreover, the process to check your 350 Status is quite simple. Hence, by using the ID number and registered phone number, applicants can check the 350 Status. More details about this significant grant status are available in this article.

srd.sassa.gov.za Payment Status

Those applicants who successfully submitted their applications can check the 350 Status by visiting the authorized web portal of the SASSA (srd.sassa.gov.za). SASSA aims to provide assistance to its citizens in every manner possible. However, some people are facing issues in receiving their grants even after their applications have been successfully approved by the SASSA. They will soon receive the grant and can check the 350 Status through the srd.sassa.gov.za web portal.

350 Status Check

To check the 350 Status-

  • Visit the authorized website of SASSA (srd.sassa.gov.za).
  • Submit your ID number and Phone Number correctly.
  • Go to Dashboard and select the month.
  • The status for the selected month will appear. (Approved/Pending/Declined).
  • Moreover, applicants can also check this through the mobile application. (login with the same credentials and check your 350 Status)

SASSA SRD Overview

Name Social Relief of Distress
Administered by SASSA
Grant Dates (Older persons) July 4
Disability Grants July 5
Children’s Grants July 6
Status Check srd.sassa.gov.za


Many eligible citizens of South Africa, who applied for SRD by submitting their applications, can check the status of their 350 grant through the authorized web portal and mobile application. All the instructions regarding SRD, such as process, benefits, status, details, banking details, payment date, appeal, etc., are available on the authorized web portal of the South African Social Security Agency.

Many people are getting support through this initiative in SA. However, the grant of many people is still pending even after their applications are verified. Hence, these citizens have to wait patiently for this significant agency to process their applications and grants.

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The grant can be received by visiting the nearest post office or via banks. The payment dates for older persons, Children’s grants and Disability Grants are available on the authorized web portal of the SASSA. Please note that the grant distribution process may take longer than expected due to processing times at this significant Agency.


If your grant application is declined by SASSA for any reason, you can utilize the appeal process. The decline of SRD applications may include the following reasons-

  • Alternative income source identified by the SASSA.
  • Verification of identification failed. It means that there is a discrepancy between the information provided in your SRD application and the data in the DHA’s database.
  • Existing SASSA Grant.
  • Debtor
  • UIF Registered
  • Outside Age Range
  • NSFAS Registered
  • Deceased record of the applicant in the DHA database.

If you think you don’t fall into these categories and your application is rejected by mistake, you can proceed to apply for SRD Appeal. In addition, you have to submit the appeal within a span of 90 days after the rejection of the application. For this-

  • Visit the authorized web portal of the SASSA.
  • Select the appeal option and enter your ID and Phone number.
  • After this, click on the send pin and verify the pin.
  • After verification, select the appeal option to submit the appeal.

SASSA SRD Payment Date

According to the information, the grant dates for July month are July 4 (Older persons), July 5(Disability Grants), and July 6(Children’s Grants). For more detailed information, check the authorized web portal of the SASSA. For more details about the Payment dates and other important information, visit the authorized web portal of the SASSA.

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SASSA SRD Banking Details

Banking details must be submitted to the SASSA in order to receive the grant in the beneficiary’s bank account. For this-

  • Go to the authorized web portal of the SASSA.
  • Select the link to update the banking details.
  • Submit your ID Number and proceed to the next step.
  • A link will be sent to the registered mobile number. Open this link to submit SASSA SRD Banking Details.
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