Abdul Karim Telgi Bio, Family, Wife, Daughter, Son, Brother Story, Death Reason

Get the critical details about Abdul Karim Telgi Bio, Family, Wife, Daughter, Son, Brother Story, Death Reason, and more from here. The investigators and people who became part of the scam were searching for him, and he was saving the confidence in his savings account. Scam 2003 was behind one person, Abdul. Let us scratch more details about the Counterfeiter from Abdul Karim Telgi Bio.

Abdul Karim Telgi Bio

What would you encounter as the reason for a scam in India? Poverty, Lack of Opportunity, Financial Instability, Jealousy or Revenge?

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While answering the question, we have come across two vital stories that you might have also watched: Harshad Mehta (1992) and that of Abdul Karim Telgi (2003).

Smart were the moves, and profitable were the luxuries. 

Abdul Karim was a Counterfeiter who performed the scam of Stamp Papers in India. The printing and selling of the stamp papers were about US$3.8 Billion. Let us know more about Abdul Karim Telgi Bio and, most importantly, his story that had left a mark on India’s top scams!

Abdul Karim: Introduction to his Unusual Life

He went to Sarvodaya Vidyalaya English Medium High School, Khanapur, to complete his schooling and to the University of Allahabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India, for graduation. Karim had completed his Masters in Psychology. After completing his education, he went to Saudi Arabia for 7 years. His return was never good news for the Nation.

Abdul Karim Telgi Bio

He found out the key to unlock the treasure of India’s Economy. Scam 2003: The Telgi Story is a series was made on the real story of Abdul. You can watch the way this man handled the scam and was not afraid of taking any risks in life.

Do not give a pat because it was a scam, but hats off that our country has a talent like him. Imagine, this talent + positivity = a syrup of faster growth of the economy. It is commendable to say that India is unlucky that talented people are finding their way out of negative deeds rather than being a Gem!

Who is Abdul Karim Telgi?

Article Title Abdul Karim Telgi Bio
Profession Counterfeiter
Nationality Indian
Birth Date & Demise 29 July 1961 to 2017
Religion Islam
Education B.Com and M.A. in Psychology
Hometown Khanpur, Karnataka
Family Father, who worked at the Indian Railways and died when Abdul was young; Mother (Homemaker), Wife, son & daughter
Fake Passport & Visa Company Name Arabian Metro Travels (New Marine Lines, Mumbai)
1993 Case Involved in visa racket
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Abdul Karim Family

Abdul was born on 29 July 1961 and unfortunately died in 2017 due to certain health issues. Khanapur is a place in Karnataka where he was born. In his early life, he used to stay with his family.

Abdul Karim’s father was in Indian Railways, and his mother was a Homemaker. The young child had to face a lot of challenges in handling his family after the early death of his father. Selling fruits & veggies could not compensate for the ever-increasing financial demands of the family. In his adulthood, he got married and was blessed with 2 children; a son and a daughter.

Who was Abdul Karim Telgi’s Wife?

Shahida was the name of his wife, who was the only person in his life after his family and his brother.

Abdul Karim Brother Story

Tushar Hiranandini was the director of the series which is made on Abdul Karim. The story had 3 writers namely Karn Vyas, Kiran and Kedar Patankar. You can watch the whole drama on Sony Liv after taking a subscription of this digital platform.

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Abdul Karim Telgi: The Ultimate Scam Story

Everyone is super excited to know the whole story, so why not enjoy the summary of it?

Abdul used his intelligence skills to forge Visas and Passports for individuals who wanted to travel to Saudi Arabia. His company was established in Mumbai in the name of Arabian Metro Travels. He was arrested for Fraud in 1993 as he was involved in the visa racket.

Giving up was not in the blood of Abdul, thus, he got a license for stamp papers in 1994 and started forging them. He gave jobs to around 350 individuals who worked as agents for him. They used to sell those fake stamp papers to insurance companies, banks, and finance-related companies.

Now that he had become a scammer, he definitely needed security. Abdul made an association with the reputed police officers who helped him in the scam. If we estimate the amount, then it was a lump sum of US$3.8 Billion.

His misdeeds were highlighted when someone reported a case against him in 1999. A special force was assigned for the investigation, which took the officials to find out about Abdul in 2001. The location of the arrest was Rajasthan. Don’t believe that this was it. Abdul had a widespread business related to fake stamp papers across the country.

But, it is truly said that bad deeds always have a destination. January 2006 was the time when Abdul was imprisoned for 30 years. The direction was given by a Special Court of Pune. He was charged a fine of rupees 10 Billion in June 2007. In 2017, media has covered the news that Abdul Karim is no more.

Abdul Karim’s Death Reason

After being imprisoned for these long years, Abdul lost his breath while struggling with some health issues. The death sentence was made on 23 October 2017. The health experts have reported that Abdul had multiple internal injuries in his organs that were the major reason for his death. Obviously, truth has various masks.

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