AP Election 2024 Date, Survey, Poll Results, CM Candidate, Predictions

Check out the details about AP Election 2024 Date, Survey, Poll Results, CM Candidate, and Predictions from this article. Various details regarding the AP Election 2024 Date, Survey, Poll Results, CM Candidate, Predictions, and other substantial details are contained in this article.

AP Election 2024

The upcoming Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Election 2024 will be held to elect the members of the AP Legislative Assembly. The ruling government will be decided with these significant AP Elections 2024. Currently, Andhra Pradesh is ruled by the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party.

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YSRCP won the 2019 AP Elections and formed the government. The leader of YSRCP is Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, who also serves as the current chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. A new government will be formed based on whether they win the majority of seats in the AP legislative assembly.

AP Vidhan Sabha Election Overview

Name AP Legislative Assembly Election
Year 2024
State Andhra Pradesh
Legislative Assembly Seats 175
Seats needed for the majority 88
Election Dates Before June 2024
Notification Date To Be Announced
Major Parties YSR Congress Party, Telugu Desam Party, Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress, Jana Sena Party
Major CM Candidates Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, N. Chandrababu Naidu
Election Commission of India eci.gov.in/files/category/65-andhra-pradesh/

AP Election Date 2024

According to the information, the elections in Andhra Pradesh are scheduled to be held before June 2024. However, the official notification regarding the commencement and schedule for the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Election 2024 is yet to be released.

AP Election

After the declaration of the AP Election Date 2024, each party will nominate its candidate for different constituencies of Andhra Pradesh, such as Ichchapuram, Palasa, Tekkali, Srikakulam, Kuppam, Chittoor, etc.

AP Constituencies 2024

There are total 175 constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. The party which wins the majority of these constituencies will become the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh. During the campaign period, different parties will conduct their election campaigns in order to convince people to choose their candidates for the upcoming AP Election 2024.

Out of 175 constituencies, 29 are reserved for SC candidates, and 7 are reserved for ST Candidates. SC Reserved Constituencies in AP include Rajam, Parvathipuram, Payakaraopet, Kovvur, etc. Whereas ST Reserved Constituencies in AP include Rampachodavaram, Araku Valley, Salur, Polavaram, Paderu, Kurupam, and Palakonda.

AP Election Survey 2024

AP Election surveys are conducted by various people and media channels. Depending on the voting patterns, behaviour, opinion of people, and various other significant factors, the results of the AP Election Survey 2024 will be formed.

These significant surveys provide insight into the expected results of the elections. Some of the surveys are conducted before the polls, whereas some surveys are conducted after the polls. The data and statistics of the AP Election Survey 2024 will be provided soon.

AP Election Poll Results 2024

The results of the 2024 AP Legislative Assembly Election will be available shortly after the polls close. Currently, the Election Commission of India, which supervises the elections in Andhra Pradesh, has not decided the date of commencement of polls.

The Poll Results in AP Elections 2024 will include the result of polls in all 175 constituencies of Andhra Pradesh. Based on the number of votes received by a candidate, the vote percentage will be formulated. AP Election Poll Results 2024 will be available on the authorized web portal of the Election Commission of India.

AP CM Candidate 2024

The major Candidates for the position of AP Chief Minister in 2024 are Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and N. Chandrababu Naidu. Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy recently stated that it would send a negative message if a leader who fulfils all their commitments is defeated. According to the CM, he has fulfilled 98.5% of the commitments he made to the citizens in the 2019 AP Elections.

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Another major candidate is the leader of the Telugu Desam Party, N. Chandrababu Naidu. TDP has 19 seats in the AP Legislative Assembly. Some people expect N. Chandrababu Naidu to become the next CM of Andhra Pradesh.

AP Election Predictions 2024

The predictions regarding the AP Election 2024 can be done on the basis of Surveys.  If People believe that the current ruling party has fulfilled their promises and made considerable developments in various sectors of Andhra Pradesh, they are likely to vote for the current ruling party.

However, if they are not satisfied with the YSR Congress Party, they are likely to vote in favour of a different party. All these AP Election Prediction 2024 details will be updated and revealed soon.

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73 thoughts on “AP Election 2024 Date, Survey, Poll Results, CM Candidate, Predictions”

    • No one is there the y s jagan Mohan Reddy is the only c m Andhra Pradesh 98.56% of development and the 2024 election survey also declared 90% of ysrcp and 9% of TDP and 1% of janasena

  1. Janasena should form the government for the sake of my beloved telugu family. YSRCP should be placed in srikrishna birth place forever.

    • Money Esthe saripothundhaa
      Next generations ki jobs kosam em chesthunadu jagan?

      Rural people ki money evadam correct a but what will they do for their livelihood?

      Money esthunadu kada Ani votes vesthe maname mosa potham.

      No development in students lives.
      Evvalsindhi Ammavadi kaadhu future parents ki emaina aithe chusukovadiniki money apudu jagan sontha dabbu evadu nuv sampadinchina dabbu thone chusukovali ardam cheskoni marandi….. Jai Bharath….🇮🇳

  2. Please daya chese egoistic persons ki vote veyyoddhu Mana kosam vacchina vadiki vote veyyandi money kosam vacchina vadiki vese mana tharuvathi tharala rathalu marchandi

  3. YSRCP will win again. However, TDP has judges in their grip who will initiate jail proceedings against Mr. Jagan which will disable him for the CM position. This explains why Mr Pavan Kalyan used derogatory language against the CM.

    Mahakootami was discredited in the past by the people of Andhra. Same thing will repeat again. TDP and their allies are more into digital media promotions. However, majority of the people in the AP are not much into YouTube news which constitutes to only 2%. So YouTube media promotions do not work in Telugu state.

    Conclusion: YSRCP will be majority.

    • I am not sure, who will win in 2024 but kindly opt based things which they have done till now and commitments they had given. And Look for the person who will think and development the state in such a way where will get job oppertunities and facilities to stay comfortably. And Avoid caste, place , religion things as we all educated and surviving as unity.

      Ignore my comment if feels bad anything.

  4. Ravali Jagan kavali jagan.

    Jagan vosthe neh Telangana bagupaduthundi. Companies Andhra keh raakunda Telangana keh veltaru. He has a potential to make Telangana great again.

    Jai Jagan.

  5. There is no proper education institute, education and there is no it companies in ap and most importantly middle class people are suffering basic needs like vegetables price etc. I sure jagan will manipulate with his words there is no truth. Remember one thing if you want to your child bright future, if you want peaceful andhrapradesh . Go for janasena because he not a criminal he really stand for stand for people even in midnight.
    Note: this is my opinion and not fan of janasena thank you

  6. The results show that JANASENA PARTY CHIEF SRI KONIDELA PAWAN KALYAN GARU are going to win in 2024 elections by the survey of i-pac team of Andhra Pradesh.
    Why not jagan : 1. He promises that he will ban liquor which he didn’t do and also gained 3,40,000 crores profit till now on liquor .
    2. He promises that job calendar will be released every January but from 2019-2023 he hasn’t released job calendar and the jobs given by Mr. YS jagan mohan Reddy is volunteer jobs with salary of 5000rs per month which doesn’t suitable to graduates.
    3. He has not completed any projects till now where the polavaram project was completed 78% by Chandra Babu Naidu before 2019 and till now jagan didn’t completed at least 10% till now after he became chief minister.
    4. He promises that cps will be stopped but he hasn’t done.
    5. Main thing the Andhra Pradesh don’t have capital city which he don’t have any commitment regarding the state development.
    6. He has many obligations on him whereas he has 38 chargesheet on him the supreme court ordered an cbi enquiry regarding his uncle YS Vivek Reddy murder case which was done by YS AVINASH AND YS JAGAN MOHAN REDDY, YS BHARATHI.
    7. He has networth of 540 crores legaly, and illegally he has upto 100000 crores and he is the richest CHIEF MINISTER in india.
    8. He runs a cement plant named as Bharathi cement which was his wife name and the mining material required for this plant was crushed from many hills illegally without any permission.
    9. He runs a news channel named as sakshi whereas every volunteer should and must buy paper from this their are total 2,40,000 volunteer – every month 150rs from each volunteer total 4 years 3 months have completed approximately that means 51 months from each volunteer 150rs×51months=7650rs
    7650rs×2,40,000=183 crores and 60 lakhs profit from the volunteer.and their are no proper roads and no proper development, increased electric charges and many more….

  7. Nenu kuda Janasena ravali, appudae state bagupaduthundi, PK cheppinavi chestadu ani anukunna! But now, TDP tho kalisadu, CM CBN avthadu! Just like before! Nothing will change! CBN power lo unnapudu emi cheyledu! PK ni nammi vote veste malli fools avatam tappa emi ledu! Nothing will be better!


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