Ashi Chouksey Biography, Age, Height, Medal, Family, Birthday

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Ashi Chouksey Biography

Ashi Chouksey is a sports shooter who is currently representing the Indian Shooting Team. In a shooting team event held on September 24, the Indian Shooting team of Ramita, Ashi, and Mehuli won a silver medal. The total score of the Indian Women’s shooting team was 1886, out of which Ashi scored 623.3 points.

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Ashi has participated in a number of significant shooting events, including the World Championship and World Cup. Ashi’s shooting club is Madhya Pradesh State Shooting Academy. Ashi also participated in the ISSF Junior Cup in 2022 and was ranked third and played 16 medal matches.

Ashi Chouksey Biography Overview

Name Ashi Chouksey
Country India
Gender Female`
Birth Date March 7, 2002
Home Town Bhopal
Sports Shooting
Height 1.68/5’6”
Shooting Club Madhya Pradesh State Shooting Academy
50m Rifle 3 Positions Women Rank 64
Word Cup 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
ISSF Junior Cup 2 Bronze
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Ashi Chouksey Age

Ashi Chouksey was born on March 7, 2002, making her 21 years old. Ashi is pursuing a Bachelor of Physical Education and SportsĀ from the Guru Nanak Dev University. In the World Cup 2022 event held in Baku, Ashi acquired the first rank in the 50m Rifle 3 Positions Mixed Team Event.

Ashi Chouksey Biography

Ashi started shooting in Pachmarhi in 2017. The national team represented by Ashi is coached by Suma Shirur.

Ashi Chouksey Height

Ashi is 1.68 meters tall (5’6″). Ashi initially took up shooting as a means to escape from academics. Ashi was not very interested in the academic focus of her school. Luckily, Ashi’s school had an NCC program starting from Class 9.

When she initially joined the NCC Program, Ashi had no idea that she was going to practice shooting and become good at it.

Ashi Chouksey Family

Ashi joined this program in order to skip her academic classes. This NCC Program involved shooting, which she, along with 100 other cadets, practiced. At first, Ashi and the other cadets were given rifles and asked to shoot at a target situated at a distance of 50 meters. Each cadet, including Ashi, was given 5 shots. According to Ashi, she scored about 45 points out of 50.

Impressed with Ashi’s performance in her first attempt, the camp commander asked her to have a word with him. The camp commander asked her if she had ever shot before this. In reply, Ashi said that this was her first time shooting. In addition, the camp commander suggested that Ashi could do this as a career. Ashi told this to her family, and they were quite supportive of her.

After this, Ashi visited the Madhya Pradesh Academy for the selection trials. There were about 225 candidates, and the officials just selected 2. One of them was Ashi. According to Ashi, she writes her scores and thoughts in her diary at the end of each session. This also allows her to revisit her past performances in different games and practice events. Ashi keeps her diary in her shooting kit.

Ashi Chouksey Medal

The recent silver medal in the Asian Games became an addition to Ashi’s Medals. Ashi has 5 medals, out of which 1 is a Gold Medal, 1 is a silver medal, and the remaining 3 are bronze medals. One Gold Medal was won in the 2022 Baku World Cup, one bronze medal was won in the 2022 Changwon World Cup, and two bronze medals were won in the 2022 Suhl ISSF Junior Cup.

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Except for the Bronze medal in 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women Junior, all other medals won by Ashi are from team events, including mixed team and women’s team. In addition to this, Ashi has delivered significant performances in various other events held nationally and internationally.

Ashi Chouksey Birthday

Ashi’s birthday falls on March 7. Before tournaments and championship events, Ashi usually tries to keep her distracted and busy so that she doesn’t feel the pressure. Moreover, Ashi believes herself to be her biggest competitor.

After securing the second position in the currently ongoing Asian Games, Ashi also participated in an individual shooting event. Sadly, Ashi couldn’t win in the qualifier event, as she scored just 623.3 points and 28th rank. More information on Ashi Chouksey’s biography will be updated shortly.

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