BGMI 2.6 Release Date, Beta Update, Early Access, APK Download

BGMI 2.6 Release Date, Beta Update, Early Access, APK Download links can be checked from this page now. The article will cover all the details regarding the BGMI 2.6 release date, early access, APK download, Beta update and more. So to get all the expanded details, keep reading the article till the end.

BGMI 2.6 Update

Battleground Mobile India is a famous battle royale game. The royale game is most popular among the young generation of India, and there is hardly anyone left who does not download the game on their device. The BGMI game was designed and produced by the South Korean Company Krafton.

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Recently, the company released a new update, bringing new content and exciting additional features to the game. In addition, the update instigates a new map called Karakin, which lies in a fictional North American town.

BGMI 2.6 Release Date

The production company confirms the official announcement for India’s BGMI 2.6 release date. BGMI 2.6 update will be released on February 2023 for Android and iPhone operators. Gamers will allow downloading the game from the official website of the BGMI.

BGMI 2.6 Update

Please go through the table to know the important details at one glance.

BGMI 2.6 Update Summary


Battleground Mobile India

Developer Company

Krafton Inc


Tom Salta


Sean Hyunil Sohn

Operating System 

Android & iPhone

Release Date 

Android (2 July 2021)

iOS/iPadOS (18 August 2021)

BGMI 2.6 Release Date 

June 2023 (Android &



Unreal Engine 4

Official Website

BGMI 2.6 Update Download Link 

Available Soon

Article Genres 

Battle-royale Game

BGMI 2.6 Update Features

Krafton has released exciting new features to the game. These features will make the game more enjoyable to play. The new features will force gamers to stick to their Phones for hours. Here we have come up with some new additional features. Check it out to improve your gaming experience.

  • The  BGMI 2.6 update offers you to get two free Classic Crate Coupons.
  • A new character named Lionel Messi, the football star, is also added in the latest update.
  • A football ground is created at spawn island, where you can enjoy football until the match begins.
  • The update will add a new feature, allowing players to convert their Football and move at high speed.
  • The player who runs faster than average will get the four golden boots.
  • A Football carnival is also added to the classic map, which is accessorised with football items.

Besides, many other features are added in the new update soon released in India. To know those features, you must download the latest version of BGMI after Krafton officially releases it.

Steps to get BGMI 2.6 Early Access

Almost all of the young generation has played BGMI in India. They spend a vast amount of time playing the game. Many people want to know how to get early access to Battleground Mobile India. We have here to solve your queries regarding the early access of BGMI 2.6. For this, you should follow the given steps :

  • Simply click “Early Access Now!”.
  • Click the button to join the testing program.
  • After the user becomes a tester, they should click “download it on Google Play.”
  • Do not forget to press the install button then.
  • Select the resource pack according to your choice.

In this way, your early access to BGMI 2.6 is done.

BGMI 2.6 Beta Update

BGMI fans are excited to hear the news that BGMI 2.6 Beta Update has been released. But actually, BGMI 2.6 Beta Update is not available on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store in India due to the reason that BGMI has been banned in India. But you can now get BGMI 2.6 Beta Update through the Modified APK file.

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Many fake update files of BGMI games are already available in India. But if you download them through unofficial apps, you may be completely banned from the game. Not only will you be banned from the game, but malware and virus may also enter your device or system, which can seriously damage your device. So be aware before trusting such fake news. We would insist you download the BGMI 2.6 update from the official website of Krafton only.

How to download BGMI 2.6 Update APK?

To help you download the BGMI 2.6 update APK, we have below mentioned the steps you should follow. Please go through it.

  • Primarily go to the official website of Battleground Mobile India, i.e.
  • After visiting the official website, an option will appear on the page for the APK Download. Click on it.
  • By doing the above step, you will find an option for the BGMI 2.6 Update. Tap on it and download the game.
  • Once the download is finished, you are ready to play the game.

As soon as the official announcement is made, we will provide you with the link to download the Battleground Mobile India game.

To check for more latest updates on video games, please visit our website more often. We will serve you the best we can. If you persist any questions about BGMI 2.6, you can fill in your queries in the comment section of our webpage.

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