C295 Aircraft in IAF Deal, Price, Features, Engine, Capacity, Country

Check out the details about C295 Aircraft in IAF Deal, Price, Features, Engine, Capacity, and Country from this article. Different details about C295 Aircraft in IAF Deal, Price, Features, Engine, Capacity, Country, and other significant details are included in this article.

C295 Aircraft in IAF Deal

On September 24, 2021, India formalized a deal with Airbus Defence and Space, a supply division of Airbus SE, for 56 C295 aircraft. India made this deal to replace IAF’s aging Avros-748 fleet. The deal of 56 C295 aircraft was the biggest deal involving C295 Aircraft. These C295 aircraft are being manufactured in Seville, Spain.

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On September 13, 2023, Airbus handed the first batch of C295 aircraft in fly-away condition. They will soon leave Seville and head towards Delhi in the coming days. The first batch includes 16 C295 Aircraft, and a joint IAF-Airbus Crew will pilot these.

C295 Aircraft Overview

Name C295 Aircraft
Manufacturer Airbus Defence and Space
Total Orders 283 (212 Delivered)
In operation 210
Production site Seville, Spain
Users Algeria, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Ireland, Spain, Egypt, etc.
Deal by India 56 Aircraft
Website airbus.com

C295 Aircraft in IAF

Furthermore, the remaining 40 C295 Aircrafts of the IAF will be manufactured as well as assembled in partnership with Tata Advanced Systems Limited at a Final Assembly Line in Vadodara. This FAL in Vadodara is likely to be operational by November 2024. This will boost the self-reliance of the Defence manufacturing sector of India and will promote Make in India.

C295 Aircraft in IAF Deal

Additionally, the components that will be used to manufacture the C295 Aircraft are already being manufactured at a main constituent assembly located in Hyderabad. Furthermore, these components and parts will be shipped to the Final Assembly Line. The first make-in-India C295 Aircraft will likely be manufactured by September 2026, and the final will likely be manufactured by August 2031.

C295 Aircraft Country

283 orders for C295 Aircraft have been done by different countries across the globe. The primary users of the C295 Aircraft include Algeria, Spain, Canada, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, etc. Currently, 210 C295 Aircraft are in operation.

Country Orders Delivered In Operation
Algeria 6 6 5
Angola 3
Burkina Faso 1 1 1
Egypt 24 24 24
Gabon 1 1 1
Ghana 3 3 3
Ivory Coast 1 1 1
Mali 2 2 2
India 56 16 (will be delivered soon)
Indonesia 11 11 11
Philippines 7 7 7
Thailand 3 2 2
Vietnam 3 3 3
Kazakhstan 11 10 10
Uzbekistan 4 4 4
Czech Republic 6 6 6
Finland 3 3 3
Ireland 2 1 1
Poland 17 17 16
Portugal 12 12 12
Spain 14 14 14
Jordan 2 2 2
Oman 8 8 8
Saudi Arabia 4 4 4
United Arab Emirates 5 5 5
Canada 16 15 15
Brazil 15 15 15
Chile 3 3 3
Colombia 6 6 6
Ecuador 3 3 3
Mexico 14 14 14

The complete list of all the countries and regions that currently operate C295 Aircraft can be checked through the authorized website of the Airbus.

C295 Aircraft Engine

The C295 aircraft uses 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127G turboprop engines. This powerful engine provides excellent hot-and-high performance and maneuverability. As mentioned, 210 C295 Aircrafts are currently in operation and have shown a remarkable track record in assisting their users.

Initially designed by CASA, the C295 is a medium tactical transport aircraft. The first prototype of C295 took flight on November 28, 1997. Additionally, The C295 is commonly used for non-military operations by various organizations (governmental and non-governmental).

C295 Aircraft in IAF

C295 Aircraft is used for conducting missions, such as search and rescue, surveillance and control, disaster relief flights, etc. In addition, C295 has STOL functionalities and capabilities to use unprepared airstrips. This allows users to deploy C295 Aircraft for resupply trips to various remote locations.

C295 Aircraft Feature

Most of the variants of C295 aircraft can be reconfigured with the utilization of palletized modular mission systems. The variants of C295 include-

  • Tactical Transporter
  • MSA
  • Armed/Ground ISR
  • AEW
  • Air-to-air refueling
  • Medical evacuation
  • Water Bomber

C295 Aircraft comes with a fully integrated tactical system that enables it to carry various kinds of duties. The fully integrated tactical system has a suite of network displays and computers that provide the necessary information in a processed manner. This allows the users to perform the missions and tasks efficiently.

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Some of the integrated sensors include EO/IR, magnetic anomaly detector, communications and electronic intelligence, automatic identification system, IFF interrogator, sea pollution detection systems, radar, and many other significant functionalities.

C295 Aircraft Capacity

The C295 Aircraft is capable of carrying 71 troops at 26- knots max cruise speed. Moreover, the cockpit of C295 can be used to perform a full range of operations and can carry a crew of 2 members (captain and co-pilot). The avionics of C295 include 14.1-inch multifunctional touchscreen displays.

Additionally, the screens can be reconfigured and has an intuitive and redundant human-machine interface. Moreover, some other features, including system status reports, electronic charts, checklists, etc., are also available.

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