Chandrayaan 3 Pakistan Reaction On Success, Soft Landing, Videos Coming

Let us know Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success, Soft Landing, Videos Coming, and more information from here. ISRO Scientists and Indian citizens have to face bully from Pakistan for the unsuccess of Chandrayaan 2, but now we are waiting to know Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success!

Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success

The failure of Chandrayaan 3 was a bouncer for Pakistanis to strike India with a bomb of critics. They were sharing videos, memes, commenting on public posts, and demoralizing ISRO Scientists.

Vikram Lander Live Status

Pragyan Rover Live Status

Chandrayaan 3 Live Status

Chandrayaan 3 Live Landing

चंद्रयान 3: चाँद से पृथ्वी की तस्वीरें

विक्रम लैंडर ने भेजी चन्द्रमा की सतह की फोटो

What NOW? There are no words left by the people after the success of Chandrayaan 3. Pakistan’s Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success is neutral, and as of now, without any will, they will have to congratulate India for its win. They are appreciating efforts made by the scientists. And why not, India has made history to reach the Moon! It is our right to receive pride and honour. Beating Luna 25 and all other rovers that were sent to the Moon never returned.

Some people rate appreciating their efforts. They are also sharing their views on SUPARCO that conducting Outer space missions like Chandrayaan 3 is quite difficult considering the financial stability of Pakistan. The tough reactions by Pakistani critics are also welcomed by India.

Congratulations India on Chandrayaan 3 Success

Not only Indians but the wishes are coming from the world about the win of ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3. So many tests were performed, and the days were transformed into the darkest of nights by the scientists to accomplish the mission. There was a lot of pressure, and it increased when Luna 25 crashed. ROSCOSMOS is also one of the powerful space agencies that have created the spaceship with around 1600 crores in Indian Rupees. The modules and the equipment were of high quality.

Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success

LUNA 25 was launched on 11th August 2023 at 4:40 AM IST and crashed at 11:57 AM UTC on 19th August 2023. The expected landing date on the Moon’s South pole, unlike India, was 21st August 2023, just 2 days before the expected landing of Chandrayaan 3. Still, the belief of ISRO and the hard work were a part of contributing to the overall success.

Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success Overview

Article Title Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success
Mission Lunar Mission
Rover Name Chandrayaan 3
Built By Indian Space Research Organisation
Countries to Reach on the Moon US, China, Soviet Union, and India
Pakistan’s Space Agency The Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
SUPARCO’s Failure Less Funding & No Upgradation in Technology
Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success Pakistanis are appreciating the efforts of India & ISRO for the Lunar Mission
Fawad Chaudhry’s Statement He said that it is a great moment for India & ISRO and shared greetings

Chandrayaan 3 Soft Landing

The news was spreading widely about the delay in the soft landing from 23rd August 2023 to 27 August 2023. This was due to the technical considerations of the ISRO Scientists. They tended to be using more logical and strategic thinking for the safe landing of Vikram. Nilesh M. Desai who is the Director of the Space Applications Centre shared the postponed news on Twitter. But Thanks to God Vikram Lander did not have to face any issues, and it successfully completed the mission for which the scientists were eagerly waiting to accomplish from the past years.

Know More about Chandrayaan 3 Launch

Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date & Time

Chandrayaan 3 Live Position

Chandrayaan 3 Live Map tracking

Chandrayaan 3 Lander Rover Name

Pakistan Reaction on Chandrayaan 3 Videos Coming

There are several videos over the internet after the soft landing of Vikram on the South Pole of the Moon’s surface. The LIVE Telecast was made by ISRO on its official website, and many others have also shared the direct telecast of the bright moment. There are no words left in the mouth of the Pakistanis after watching the exotic video. Pakistanis are accepting the fact that India has committed something and has the will to achieve it.

A comment by Fawad Chaudhry (Ex Pakistani’s Science & Technology Minister) mocked after Chandrayaan 2 failure that why is there a need to travel to the Moon when we can see it from here?

The statement does show the illogical thinking of Pakistan. Now, he is one who is praising India and ISRO for their success. He has posted a Tweet that we have shared below in the image.

Fawad Tweet

This tweet was shared within 5 minutes when Vikram landed on the Moon. This reaction was much needed because of his harsh words on the failure of Chandrayaan 2. You will find the previous videos of Fawad and the recent ones on YouTube. Many news channels have covered that report for reference.

Whatever you say, Congo India, we did it! We are so proud of the efforts that you put in to achieve victory.

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