Chandrayaan 3 Sleep Mode – Pragyan Rover Sleep Mode, Wake Up Time & Expectations

Check out the details about Chandrayaan 3 Sleep Mode – Pragyan Rover Sleep Mode, Wake Up Time & Expectations from this article. Various details about Chandrayaan 3 Sleep Mode – Pragyan Rover Sleep Mode, Wake Up Time & Expectations, and other significant details are included in this article.

Chandrayaan 3 Sleep Mode

After achieving a soft landing on the Moon, Chandrayaan 3 has accomplished various intended tasks, including observations and analysis. The first observation was done by the ChaSTE payload (on Vikram Lander). Chandrayaan 3 has not only completed all the tasks on time but has exceeded the expectations of everyone.

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चंद्रयान 3 सफल या असफल

On September 4, 2023, ISRO announced that Chandrayaan 3 (lander and rover) is in sleep mode. Moreover, ISRO has received all the data, which was collected by various payloads of the Chandrayaan 3. The data collected by the Pragyan Rover has been successfully transmitted to the Earth by the Lander.

Chandrayaan 3 Overview

Name of the Mission Chandrayaan 3
Organized by ISRO
Country India
Launch Date July 14, 2023
Soft Landing August 23, 2023
Sleep Mode September 4, 2023
Wake Up Time September 22, 2023

Chandrayaan 3 Pragyan Rover

The mission lifecycle was about 1 lunar day. Hence, ISRO is expecting the Chandrayaan 3 (lander and rover) to wake up by the next sunrise. The Pragyan Rover was inside the Vikram Lander. After the landing, the Pragyan Rover was released to traverse the surface of the Moon and complete its objectives.

Chandrayaan 3 Sleep Mode

The Pragyan Rover came out of the Lander on August 24 to walk on the lunar surface. The Pragyan Rover has two main payloads – APXS and LIBS. The LIBS payload detected the presence of Sulphur on the lunar surface, and the APXS detected the presence of minor elements.

Pragyan Rover Sleep Mode

As all the objectives assigned to the Pragyan Rover and the Vikram Lander have been successfully completed, they entered the Sleep Mode. One of the objectives of the Chandrayaan 3 mission was to demonstrate the roving on the lunar surface, which, as we know, has been accomplished already.

Along with traversing, the Pragyan Rover kept on completing its objectives. The Pragyan Rover was about 26 Kilograms and can generate a power of 50W. Moreover, the Pragyan Rover has a smaller structure and weight than the Vikram Lander. Therefore, it was only equipped with limited functionalities so that it could complete its objectives without any problems.

Chandrayaan 3 Sleep Mode Pragyan Rover

Hence, the rover can only communicate with the Vikram Lander. So, after analyzing and collecting data, the Pragyan Rover communicated with the Vikram Lander and transmitted its data to it. Then, the Vikram Lander communicated with the Earth to transmit the collective data gathered by both of the modules.

Chandrayaan 3 Objectives

As intended, the Chandrayaan 3 displayed its proficiency and finished all the tasks on time. Some of the objectives that the Chandrayaan 3 has completed are as follows –

  • August 23 – Accomplished a soft landing.
  • August 24 – Took its first walk on the Moon.
  • August 27 – Completed its first observations (by ChaSTE payload).
  • August 28 – Rover completed some in-situ measurements and confirmed the presence of Sulphur.
  • August 30 – Rover detected the presence of some minor elements.
  • August 31 – ILSA and RAMBHA-LP completed their objectives, listening to the movements around the landing site and measuring the near-surface plasma content, respectively.
  • September 4 – Entered the Sleep Mode

Currently, everything is going according to plan for Chandrayaan 3. ISRO will announce more information about the Chandrayaan 3 and its both modules after its awakening. Moreover, enthusiasts can check all the objectives and mission details easily through the authorized web portal of ISRO.

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Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date & Time

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All the payloads, propulsion modules, and other instruments of the Chandrayaan 3 underwent numerous tests before its launch. This was done to prevent interruptions and technical difficulties during the Chandrayaan 3 mission. Everyone, including ISRO, is hoping for the successful awakening of the Chandrayaan 3.

Pragyan Rover Wake Up Time & Expectations

According to ISRO, the Pragyan Rover will wake up on September 22. The payloads of the Pragyan Rover have been turned off, and the battery is fully charged. The solar panel will receive the light at the next sunrise, which will likely be on September 22. Although most of the instruments of Chandrayaan 3 have been turned off, the receiver is kept on.

After waking up on September 22, the Rover and Lander will complete the next set of assignments. It is expected that more analysis and observations will be performed by the various instruments and payloads on board the Pragyan Rover and Vikram Lander. However, the detailed information about the next set of assignments can only be revealed by the ISRO.

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