Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023 MLA List for 2024 Election

Get to know the critical information about the Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023, MLA List for 2024 Election, and more from here. Elation for Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List can keep up the breath of the public, thus, we are sharing the required details for them in this article.

Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023

Interesting news is just around the corner for the citizens of the country. Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023 for the forthcoming elections is OUT!! The states that are part of the elections include MP, Rajasthan, Telangana, Mizoram, and Chhattisgarh. These are for the Lok Sabha elections for the preceding year 2024.

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We are sharing the news directly from New Delhi as shared by the concerned officials. The list comprises the names of 5 female candidates following the other members.

Bhartiya Janta Party Chhattisgarh MLA List 2023

BJP is one of the top parties in the country that is being guided by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. JP Nadda is the current President of the party who was appointed in 2020.

Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List


2018 was not a winning year for the party as it failed to achieve its target. Yet, the party members are up again with the excitement of winning this time precisely. But this time, strategic goals are set by BJP to gain victory against their opponents.

Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List Overview

State Name Chhattisgarh
Political Party Name Bhartiya Janta Party
President JP Nadda
Parliamentary Chairperson Prime Minister, Narendra Modi
Election Type Lok Sabha
Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023 Released
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List of Candidates and District Names

The following is the list of a few candidates that would be the contenders for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

Name of Candidates  Particulars 
Vijay Baghel Patan
Bhulan Singh Maravi Premnagar
Laxmi Rajwade Bhatgaon
Shakuntala Singh Porthe Pratappur
Sarla Kosaria Saraipali
Alka Chandrakar Khallari
Gita Ghasi Sahu Khujji
Maniram Kashyap Bastar

Most candidates belong to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe categories. ANI has shared the list of the candidates on their Twitter handle. In the next section, we have shared some of the ways to know the list for you.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Lok Sabha is the lower house of the Parliament in which the candidates are elected for 5 years. There is a reservation for the categories and quota that is followed at the time of elections.

April May 2024 is the expected date for the Lok Sabha Elections. By that time, you will be going to experience a lot of controversies, debates, drama, rallies, speeches and so much more. Stay tuned with to get the latest updates.

MLA List for the 2024 Election

The MLA List calls for new beginnings in the Lok Sabha. Let’s wait and see what future the candidates hold for Chhattisgarh.

Name of the Lok Sabha Candidate Name of Vidhan Sabha
Bhulan Singh Maravi Premnagar
Ramvichar Netam Ramanujganj
Praboj Bhinj Lundra
Mahesh Sahu Kharsia
Laxmi Rajwade Bhatgaon
Harishchandra Rathiya Dharamjaigarh
Devlal Halwa Thakur Daundi Lohara
Sanjeev Saha Mohla Manpur
Vikrant Singh Khairagarh
Maniram Kashyap Bastar
Rohit Sahu Rajim
Asharam Netam Kanker
Shrawan Markam Sihawa
Sarla Kosaria Saraipalli
Pranav Kumar Marpachhi Marwahi
Lakhanlal Dewangan Korba
Alka Chandrakar Khallari
Indrakumar Sahu Abhanpur
Geet Ghasi Sahu Khujji
Vijay Baghel Patan
Shakuntala Singh Porthe Pratappur

The list shows the candidates’ names that “ANI” has provided. You can check out their official page for reference.

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Eligibility for Lok Sabha Elections 2024

  • A candidate should be an Indian Citizen.
  • Not less than 25 yrs is the age criteria.
  • Qualifications should be according to the regulations already set up by the law.
  • They should not be involved in any criminal offence.
  • And More.

How to Check the Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023-24 Elections?

The boom of elections is not limited to a few states but in the minds of all countrymen.

  • Although we have shared the list, if you want to know about the contenders, you can watch the news currently streaming about the Chhattisgarh BJP Candidates List 2023-24.
  • You can browse the social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Read the newspaper regularly as it provides local and national news.
  • Follow channels on YouTube to get the relevant details as some channels go LIVE considering the election time.

Vijay Baghel is not a good news speaker Arun Sao (Chhattisgarh BJP President). The member has brought the essence of crime & corruption into the state. Lotus will be the one to bloom in our state, he added. There are many more, but we have shared only one important comment here. Well, this statement has itself has brought a sense of controversy and a new chapter of conspiracy for the Lok Sabha Elections.

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