D23 Expo 2024 Schedule, Tickets, Dates, Location, Plans, News

You will read the necessary details about the D23 Expo 2024 Schedule, Tickets, Dates, Location, Plans, and News from here. If you are wondering to know the D23 Expo 2024 Schedule, scroll down to get the relevant information.

D23 Expo 2024 Schedule

Disney fans, how are you all doing? Aren’t you missing Mickey and more characters? Your wait is finally over, as the D23 Expo 2024 Schedule is right here. July-August-September is generally the time when the Destination D23 Expo begins.

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D23, or the Ultimate Disney Fan Event, will held on 9 to 11 August 2024. The Anaheim Angels Baseball Game will be played on August 4, following ‘n’ number of other games.

How to Get Tickets for D23 Expo 2024?

Event tickets are essential to take an entry to the D23 Expo. You can consider this as a pass that would be proof of your identity and verification. There are basically 3 plans available: Gold Individual, Gold Duo, and General Plans. We have shared the details via the image below:

D23 Expo Ticket Plans

The event participants will have to register for the official website, d23.com using their specific details. They have to log in to gain access to the portal. The next step is to select the plan and pay the significant amount. You will get the tickets either on your email or the registered contact number.

D23 Expo 2024 Schedule

D23 Expo 2024 Schedule Overview

Article Title D23 Expo 2024 Schedule
Year 2024
Event Name Ultimate Disney Fan Event
Tickets Gold Individual, Gold Duo, and General Plans
D23 Expo Start Date 2009
Event Frequency Once in every two years
Location for D23 Expo 2022 Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California.
Event Date for D23 Expo 2022 9 to 11 September 2022
Predicted Location for D23 Expo 2023 Honda Center
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D23 Expo 2024 Dates

D23 Expo was started from 2009 for which people went on the road to participate. They joined the playful activities to fully enjoy the event.

Year  Dates 
2009 10 to 13 September
2011 19 to 21 August
2013 9 to 11 August
2015 14 to 16 August
2017 14 to 16 July
2019 23 to 25 August
2022 9 to 11 September
2024 (Upcoming) To Be Announced

From the table above, you can see that the event generally takes place in every 2 years. The dates are almost the same for every D23.

What is the Location for D23 Expo 2024?

Last year, the event was conducted on 9 to 11 September 2022. The location for the same was Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California. You have guessed it right, the location keeps on changing every year. The decision is dependent on the host or the D23 Expo organizers.

After the Anaheim Convention Center, people are hoping to visit a larger place. Therefore, the location is Honda Center, as it has a wide space so that the event can take place promptly. The news suggests that some of the shows will be streamed at this particular location.

D23 Event

D23 Expo Plans 2024

On a clear note, whatever you experience during the D23 Expo matters. At least you will have something to share with your friends and family later. Moreover, you must unlock the opportunity to reach out to your creativity level via this event. Either way, you must ensure that you have specific D23 Expo Plans!

  • Jot down the activities in which you want to participate. This can be according to your age, interest, prize, etc. But be specific with your niche; otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy D23.
  • Move around the show floor to explore the various stalls, exhibitions, and more. You will get to know in detail about the event and whether it is a part of your Entertainment or not.
D23 Expo Tip: You will have to walk around the event location, so make sure to pair your attire with a cosy footwear.
  • There will be animation and Pixar booths for the ease of the visitors. You must not forget to visit those.
  • Carry a backpack along with you with a water bottle, pen, notebook or an autograph diary, power bank, sanitiser, extra mask, or to keep anything that you would buy during the event.
  • Last but not least, be an early bird in the event to take benefit of all the shows, view and buy the available items, and more.

There is no boundation for you to follow the aforementioned plan. You can customize it according to your interests and gaming preferences.

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D23 Expo 2024 Schedule News

The news of D23 Expo 2024 is buzzing around the corner everywhere on the internet. Open any news channel or website, and you will get the updates for the same. People are sharing the details on social media and are talking about it. Moreover, there is a surplus amount of fun that will soon be coming for us!

D23 Expo 2024 Schedule is tentative as of now. The official authorities will soon be providing the relevant information to the public. You can browse the leading portal of the D23 Expo to know the event information such as membership, news etc.


A great time has come for the D23 Enthusiastists to have a lot of fun, take a lot of pictures, record audio/video for keeping it as a memory, take an impact from the scenario by participating in the event, and a lot more. In short, these 3 days will be a goner for you when you will enter the world of Disney! We have shared an idea with which you can make specific plans for D23 Expo 2024. If you have any suggestions or opinions on the event, you can drop a comment in the provided section below.

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