Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner Religion, Case, Crime, Latest News

Check out the details about Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner Religion, Case, Crime, and Latest News from this article. Various details about Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner Religion, Case, Crime, Latest News, and other crucial details are included in this article.

Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner

On September 6, a fugitive named Daniel Khalife escaped from the HMP Wandsworth Prison. To search and capture Daniel Khalife, the police launched a nationwide hunt. The commissioner said that the escape by Daniel Khalife was clearly pre-planned. The police have been continuously looking for Daniel Khalife in various locations.

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After Daniel’s escape, the police received a report of his first sighting when a witness came forward and told them that they saw a man who looked like Daniel Khalife waking away from a Food Delivery van near the Wandsworth roundabout. However, the escaped prisoner has somehow manged to stay away from the Police’s radar even in this nationwide manhunt.

Many are wondering about the religion of Daniel Khalife. However, the exact information on Daniel Khalife’s religion is unavailable. As the investigation on this escaped prisoner progresses, more information about Daniel Khalife, such as his religious background, will be disclosed.

Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner Religion

The escaped prisoner, Daniel Khalife, is believed to be 21 years old. His full name is Daniel Abed Khalife. Daniel is a former soldier who was previously stationed at Beacon Barracks in Stafford. In addition, Daniel is believed to have been raised in Kingston. According to the reports, Daniel’s mother and sister were believed to live in that location until a few years ago.

Daniel is facing charges of espionage and terrorism. Moreover, Daniel was trained at the 11 Signals Regiment. During his training, Daniel participated in basic field exercises. Moreover, during his time as a soldier, Daniel was reported to be aggressive, as he was occasionally involved in fights with his colleagues. Another sighting of Daniel was reported on the fourth day, as a witness claimed they saw a man resembling Daniel climbing out from under the lorry near the Wandsworth roundabout.

Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner Crime

Daniel Khalife is accused of several acts, such as allegedly gathering information and documents for enemies, a bomb hoax, and now, escaping from prison. While Daniel was posted at Beacon Barracks, he took soldier details from the MoD personnel files. According to the authorities, these soldier details can be quite useful for a person planning to commit an act of terrorism.

Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner Religion

According to the reports, Daniel gathered information and notes from May 2019 to January 2022. Furthermore, On January 2, Daniel allegedly left 3 canisters with wires in his army lodgings. This caused others to fear an explosion. However, Daniel denied all these allegations.

Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner Case

After being accused of various criminal charges, Daniel was discharged from the Army. Then, a trial date for Daniel was set to take place on November 13 at Woolwich Crown Court. Till the date of his trial, Daniel was held at HMP Wandsworth Prison. Being a category B prison, HMP Wandsworth has the second highest security and one of the largest prisons in the UK.

It was reported that Daniel was working in the kitchen before escaping from the prison. Daniel wore a cook’s uniform and escaped around 7:50 AM on September 6. The investigators found that Daniel strapped himself to the underside of a food delivery van and escaped.

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Then, around 8:15 AM, the authorities received the news about Daniel’s escape. The authorities quickly took action and stopped the food delivery van, on which Daniel strapped himself. However, the police could only find the strappings on the van, as Daniel had escaped.

Daniel Khalife Escaped Prisoner Latest News

The police are currently on a nationwide manhunt for Daniel Khalife. Police vehicles, including helicopters, have been simultaneously searching for the escaped prisoner. It is believed that Daniel is still hiding in London, although they haven’t ruled out the possibility of him fleeing from the country.

The authorities have instructed ports and airports to stay on the alert as Daniel may attempt to escape from there. The police have requested the public’s cooperation in reporting any sightings of the Daniel Khalife. All the locations where Daniel can possibly go after his escape from the prison are on high alert. The authorities have even offered £20,000 for any information that could lead to capturing Daniel.

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