SUGA Military Service Dates 2023 Exemption, Pictures, Notification, Dress

You will get the necessary information on SUGA Military Service Dates 2023 Pictures, Notification, Exemption, and Dress from here. Suga will soon be joining the compulsory military services of South Korea. We are sharing the SUGA Military Service Dates for your knowledge in this article.

SUGA Military Service Dates 2023

Suga is a South Korean Rapper who joined the team under Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. Besides singing, Suga is a songwriter and record producer. The name Suga is given to him as he used to play as a Shooting Guard in Basketball during his graduation.

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Min Yoongi is 30 years old as of 2023, whose net worth is around $24 Million USD. From the internet sources, SUGA Military Service Dates 2023 are coming out to be 22 September. Continue reading the article to know the specific details.

SUGA Military Service Notification 2023

Min Yoongi or Suga will officially begin his Military Service in the coming week, that is 22nd September, as the news shared by Big Hit Music.

SUGA Military Service Dates

This will be his training duration for a specific time period. According to the SUGA Military Service Notification 2023, Suga is the 3rd member of BTS to join such a service. The notification was released on 17 September to make the official announcement.

SUGA Bighit Music Military Service Announcement

SUGA Military Service Dates Overview

Article Title SUGA Military Service Dates
Name Suga or Min Yoongi
Age 30 Years
Profession South Korean Rapper, songwriter and record producer
Net Worth around $24 Million USD
Company Name Big Hit Entertainment
Start Year 2013
SUGA Military Service Notification Date 2023 17 September
Military Service Joining Date 22 September
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SUGA Military Service Exemption 2023

The important thing about training or military service is the overall time. The exemption details will soon be shared by the concerned authorities once Suga begins his training. During this time, he will not be attending any official events of BTS.

Moreover, fans are notified not to visit the military place to cause any inconvenience to him. Big Hit will share the service completion or event details to the fans once the military services gets over. By then, you can check the latest updates from or the social media platforms of the company.

South Korean Military Service Dress

The Military of South Korea is strong, disciplined, and dedicated to the Nation. A unique Military Service Dress represents the pride and honours of the country. Military officers have to wear a uniform once they are recruited to the service.


The dress is designed according to the physique of an officer. Suga’s height is 174 cm with 104-86-35cm overall measurements. The size of his biceps is 35 cm that is perfect for the army requirements. Thus, his dress will be as per these measurements.

South Korean Military Service Dress

In the image above, you can see the logo of the military embedded on the shoulder side of the dress.

BTS Military Service Dress

The significance of military dress is incomplete without a cap which is worn by an officer in the image.

South Korea Military Service Dress

Finally, an image of the full dress in which the officer is wearing boots. The footwear is designed specifically for the purpose of walking or running on extreme paths. The top and bottom of the military dress is made up of a an effective material in which the officers can feel comfortable all the day long.

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BTS SUGA Military Service Pictures

BTS SUGA seems to be excited about his military service. He has shared various posts on digital platforms about this amazing news. This will going to be his unique experience, for which his fans and supporters are wishing the best.


As per the news by Hindustan Times, SUGA has completed one of its official events and is now ready for the major mission. HT has shared the details in their blog from the notification shared by Big Hit Music about the Rapper.

SUGA Military Service

Min Yoongi felt emotional about the beginning of his military service journey and maybe a temporary end to his singing. Moreover, this is the moment to cherish by him and he is actually seen to enjoy it. BTS SUGA Military Service Pictures will soon be available as there is no official image of him in the military dress.

We hope that you have received the required information about SUGA Military Service Dates 2023, Min Yoongi’s current life, and more. You can share your opinion on the same be dropping a comment for us here.

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