Delhi G20 Summit Restrictions, Guidelines, Venue, Date, Decoration, Holiday

Check out the details about Delhi G20 Summit Restrictions, Guidelines, Venue, Date, Decoration, and Holiday from this article. Different details about Delhi G20 Summit Restrictions, Guidelines, Venue, Date, Decoration, Holiday, and other significant details are included in this article.

Delhi G20 Summit

The 18th meeting of G20 will be held from September 9 to 10 in New Delhi. This G20 Summit will be the first G20 Summit to be organized in India and South Asia. PM Narendra Modi will chair the Delhi G20 Summit.

G20 Summit 2023

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The Delhi G20 Summit will be a culmination of a year’s worth of meetings among senior officials, delegates, and civil societies. Many delegates, including G20 Member heads, invitees, and officials of various international organizations, will participate in the Delhi G20 Summit.

Delhi G20 Summit Date

Name Delhi G20 Summit
Host Country India
Chair PM Narendra Modi
Venue Bharat Mandapam IECC, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Date September 9 to 10
Participants G20 Members, invited countries and international organizations
G20 Members 19 Countries and the European Union

Delhi G20 Summit Restrictions

In light of the upcoming international event, the government has issued some restrictions. These restrictions during the G20 Summit will allow the smooth conduction of the event. The entire area of the New Delhi District will be considered as the Controlled Zone 1 from September 8 to 10. Only the residents living in that particular area and emergency & authorized vehicles will be allowed.

Delhi G20 Summit

During the G20 Summit, the authorities will make arrangements to redirect the traffic so that the vehicles of the delegates and authorities can travel unrestricted. The authorities will notify the citizens of Delhi about all the guidelines and restrictions during the summit through social media and media channels. According to the reports, the metro in Delhi will keep running, but with certain restrictions.

Delhi G20 Summit Guidelines

Special arrangements have been made for bike riders to clear the way for ambulances, easy supply of essential things, and restricted entry for heavy goods vehicles at borders and railways. Furthermore, the authorities also plan to open the entry for ambulance services throughout the area.

Moreover, the authorities have assured that all the essential services, such as ambulances, emergency vehicles, etc., would not be affected by these special arrangements during the G20 Summit. Although the G20 Summit will commence on September 9, these guidelines and restrictions will start from September 8 onwards.

Delhi G20 Summit Venue

The G20 Summit will be organized at Bharat Mandapam IECC, Pragati Maidan. This significant venue was inaugurated on July 27 and is owned by the Government of India. This is the largest exhibition centre located in Delhi.

Delhi G20 Summit Venue

This venue covers an area of about 123 acres and is used as an exhibition cum convention centre. The complex is divided into two parts – the new hall complex and the old hall complex.

Delhi G20 Summit Invitees

The G20 Invitees include – the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the President of Egypt, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, the Prime Minister of Mauritius, the President of Nigeria, the Prime Minister of Singapore, the Head of State of Oman, the Prime Minister of Spain, and the President of UAE.

In addition to them, the following International Organizations are also invited to the G20 Summit – UN, WB, WHO, IMF, WTO, FSB, OECD, and ILO. Moreover, the chairs of ASEAN, AU, and AUDA-NEPAD will be invited to attend the Summit. This time, India also invited CDRI, ADB, and ISA as Guest IOs.

Delhi G20 Summit Decoration

As the dates of the G20 Summit are closing in, the authorities are making decorations in various places. Different varieties of flowers and potted shrubs have been planted on roads, in areas near the venue, and at various other prominent places.

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Many tourists are expected to arrive in Delhi during the summit. For this, the authorities have formulated a virtual helpdesk to resolve the issues and help them in navigating Delhi. The venue of the Summit will also be decorated with lights and flowers.

Delhi G20 Summit Holiday

The shops, educational institutions, and offices will remain closed from September 8 to 10 in Delhi. On August 24, the General Administrative Department issued a notice declaring the public holiday.

All shops and business establishments are ordered to close their shops from September 8 to 10 and grant a paid holiday to their employees. The schools, colleges, private shops, and business establishments will be closed during the G20 Summit.

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