Election Results 2023 Karnataka BJP, Congress, JDS MLA List Live

Election Results 2023 Karnataka BJP, Congress, JDS MLA List Live counting and many other details are updated here. Party wise winners in Karnataka Election Results 2023 can be checked from here.

Election Results 2023

We all are aware of massive promotions by parties, and the news of the PM’s visit regarding the campaigning of his party, as it was everywhere. Now everybody is very keen to know who gets the max. seat; Hence, we all waited to know the result of the Karnataka elections.

Karnataka Election Result 2023

Karnatak Election Poll 2023

Karnataka MLA List 2023

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Check Election Results 2023 Karnataka BJP, Congress, JDS MLA List Live is brought to you. Read and get the latest update. The Karnataka elections saw a fight between major parties like Congress, BJP and JDS.

Karnataka Election Results 2023

Now the Election Commission of the state is going to make the results public, as promised, on the 13th of May, 2023. The counting has begun since 8 in the morning, and now we wait.

Election Results

Those who have made contributions regarding the campaigning of a particular party are rooting for the party and want to see their party winning anyhow. The elections in Karnataka this time saw 73.19% of the voting, a record against the previously held elections.

Parties Total seats Seats won Seats leading Gain/Loss
136 28 108 +10
63 13 50 -6
21 4 17 -2
4 0 4 -2

Karnataka Election BJP Congress JDS Winners 2023

The elections were organised for the people on the 10th of May, 2023. As per earlier reports, the BJP was leading with 26 seats in the race. Then the Congress party with 16 leads. Lastly, we have Janta Dell secular with three leads.

Recently it was sourced that Congress is now ahead of others. It has touched 100 seats. In contrast, Janta Dal (S) is straggling slowly. The Congress party is very positive regarding winning, knowing 38 years of the people’s tradition of not voting, the incumbent party.

The win of the BJP will help in marking another spot for dominance across the nation. There are many who are totally against BJP parting coming to rule. They have stated that by hook or crook, they will not let BJP win.

So, will it be the Congress party Bhartiya Janata party or Janta Dal for Karnataka State? You will know in some time.

Karnataka Assembly Election Results 2023

The Karnataka Assembly election results are going to get declared today. By the Election Commission of India, you’re most likely to get the list of Congress party MLAs in a short time, as it is leading the course. This year, the postal ballots were counted earlier. In Karnataka, to win would require a party to secure 113 seats.

We are still not sure whether Congress be able to make a party of its own or will be required to make a coalition with the other party to form the ruling party.

In a piece of recent news, we get to know Congress is leading with 122 seats. And BJP is at 78, whereas Janta Dal Secular has only 22 seats. The others have three seats in this.

Debates are going everywhere regarding who is going to win this year’s elections in K’taka on TV channels and radio. You can hear the live update on the vote counting that has been going on in the election commissioner’s office.

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Karnataka Elections Live Update

From the recent sources, we get to know that Congress is leading with 114 and is in the majority for now. Bhartiya Janta party is on 76, and Janta Dal is on 29. The portion of others is 5.

As we all can watch, the Congress party lead in this series, Siddaramaiah’s son, stated that his father should become the CM of the state.

Will the predicted polls going to come true? As most of the predictions were made regarding the inclination towards winning of the Congress Party or may be a coalition formation. We will update you regarding the constituency-wise results on our portal. Keep checking.

Election Commission of India portal: Click here

Karnataka State Election Commission website link: Click Here

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