Fastest growing Economy in the World – Top 10 List with Growth Rate

Check out details about the Fastest growing Economy in the World – Top 10 List with Growth Rate from this article. Many details regarding the Fastest growing Economy in the World 2023, Top 10 List with Growth Rate can be checked using this article.

Fastest growing Economy in the World 2023

Many people worldwide are curious about the growth rate, GDP, economic growth, population, and various significant factors of different countries around the globe. Various nations are performing pretty well, whereas many other nations are facing difficulties and challenges. The rankings of the countries based on their economic growth keeps on changing, depending upon various significant factors.

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The most commonly used technique to calculate the growth of various countries is by estimating its GDP value. Various factors affecting the economic growth of a country are, Inflation, population, unemployment rate, current account balance of country, debt, and many other factors. Countries, such as India, Macao SAR, Libya, Fiji, Guyana, and several other countries are performing remarkably well in terms of economic growth. Most growing nations contain less population in comparison to other significant nations. However, regardless of vast population, India has shown remarkable growth.

Top 10 Fastest growing Economy List with Growth Rate 2023

There are various countries, including India (5.9), Niger, Philippines, Vietnam, Ireland, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and several other countries in the complete list of fastest growing economies in the world. The rankings of these countries based on economic growth can change depending on various factors listed above.

Fastest growing Economy in the World

However, according to IMF, depending on the highest growth rates, the top 10 countries are-

Macao SAR [Value: 58.9] [Population: 6,75,766]

This population of Macao SAR is approximately 6,75,766 (May 2023). According to IMF, this small nation has the highest Real GDP growth value in April 2023. The current GDP-PPP of Macao SAR is around 89,558 dollars (May 2023). However, IMP expects the growth value to go down in the coming years.

Guyana [Value: 37.2] [Population: 7,97,613]

The second country in this list is Guyana, with the Real GDP growth value of 37.2. The population of this South American country is approximately 7,97,613 (May, 2023). The current GDP-PPP of Guyana is around 60.65 thousand dollars (May 2023). IMF expects this country to assume the first position in Real GDP growth in 2024.

Libya [Value: 17.5] [Population: 7,150,270]

Next country in this significant list is Libya, with the Real GDP growth value of 17.5. The current population of this nation is around 7,150,270 (May 2023). However, the GDP-PPP of Libya is around 24.6 thousand dollars (May 2023). The Real GDP Growth value of Libya will decrease in the upcoming years.

Palau [Value: 8.7] [Population: 18,345]

After Libya, the next country in this list is Palau with the Real GDP growth value of 8.7. The current population of this nation is around 18,345 (May 2023). The GDP-PPP of Palau is around 16.39 thousand dollars (May 2023). The current Real GDP growth value of this nation is expected to increase slowly in the forthcoming years.

Senegal [Value: 8.3] [Population: 18,109,786]

Next significant country in this list is Senegal with the Real GDP growth value of 8.3. The current population of this nation is around 18,109,786 (May 2023). However, the GDP-PPP of Senegal is around 4.51 thousand dollars (May 2023).

Maldives [Value: 7.2] [Population: 569,291]

After Senegal, the next country in this list is Maldives with the Real GDP growth value of 7.2. The current population of this nation is around 569,291 (May 2023). The GDP-PPP of Maldives is around 36.36 thousand dollars (May 2023).

Fiji [Value: 7] [Population: 915,503]

Next country in this list is Fiji with the Real GDP growth value of 7. The current population of this nation is around 915,503 (May 2023). The GDP-PPP of Fiji is around 15.73 thousand dollars (May 2023). The Real GDP growth value of this nation is expected to go down in the next few years.

Democratic Republic of Congo [Value: 6.3] [Population: 5,936,431]

After Fiji, next country in this list is the Democratic Republic of Congo with the Real GDP growth value of 6.3. The current population of the Democratic Republic of Congo is approximately 5,936,431 (May 2023). The GDP-PPP of the Democratic Republic of Congo is around 5.16 thousand dollars (May 2023). The Real GDP Growth value of this significant nation is expected to increase in the forthcoming years.

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Côte d’Ivoire [Value: 6.2] [Population: 28,391,641]

Next country in this list is Côte d’Ivoire with the Real GDP growth value of 6.2. The current population of this Western African nation is around 28,391,058 (May 2023). However, the GDP-PPP of Côte d’Ivoire is around 7.01 thousand dollars (May 2023). The Real GDP Growth value of this nation is expected to slowly increase in the forthcoming years.

Rwanda [Value: 6.2] [Population: 13,941,641]

The tenth country in this list is Rwanda with the Real GDP growth value of 6.2. The current population of this Western African nation is around 13,941,641 (May 2023). However, the GDP-PPP of Côte d’Ivoire is around 3.09 thousand dollars (May 2023). IMF expects the Real GDP growth value of this significant nation to slowly increase in the upcoming years.

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  1. Hilarious!
    What an waste of time reading this sub-standard article.
    Author should introspect and analyze what is being written – can a country having 1.42 billion be compared with a country having only 7 lakhs plus population?

    • Sorry but this just sou ds like jealously to me. The trueth is India has disappointed. If you guys did a better job at stampi g out corruption perhaps you could have been higher on the list. India has great potential to be sure but until then you will not live up to it

      • Jealousy? You bunch of hobos have what for us to be jealous of? Get a life dimwit. We as a big nation have done more than enough since the pandemic. You bunch of illiterates got vaccinated because we made them. Let that sink in your tiny brain.

        • Only dumbass could get these Vaccines 😆 sht knows what in the hell they put in their bodies we will find out in 30+yrs. Btw know 5peoples who passed away after 3rd shot. 😆 Biggest Pharmacy Fraud ever happened in this crooked World.

      • What kind of a dumb and mentally retarded can comment like this. Jealousy ? My foot ! Hillarious comparison between a 1.4 bilion country’s GDP vs a tiny below 0.8 million country does not appear ridiculous to this retard !! White racist see your own country’s GDP which is far bolow India’s at current rate !! Comparison can be between to titan behemoth not between a titan and a minion!! Get lost.

        • Refer to IMF data kids, above mentioned data is correct. It is mentioned that based on size, india is doing well but its still not enough due to its population. It is one of the fastest but couldnt make it into top 10. IMF data doesnt lie. If you want false info, yes india is first, lol.

        • Don’t become a part of the indian diaspora. They are suffering because they left India. But they are lucky to meet Modiji on his foreign trips.

      • bro right now india has 0 percent recession to any country u take in the world like literally l. u should know that world investers are investing in India in bulk lol. and its set to add another trillion dollars by next 2 years lol

      • Corruption thru systems getting rid of is WIP.
        But geo politics of Ukraine needs mindset refixing.
        How many times a nation bombing or arming in the name of Russia fighting ? This US CIA Military Industrial DNA keeps the fire burning. Ammo sales is the idea. V never learn. Nagasaki Hiroshima Korea Vietnam Iraq Iran Syria are facts. Taiwan and Drug cartel though well motivated for Uncle SAM it is needed. Some tension somewhere needs fixing and uncle Sam before long jumps in to keep the fires burning. Reaolution is not the main motive.

      • We will speak about this after 20 year, till then just wait and watch.
        We will be kicking you asses and we would be at top. Action speak better than words so no comments further.

    • Well, we Guyanese will not apologize for our new found wealth. BTW, if you want to compare based on size of population, explain why 1.5 Billion population can only muster a few medals at the Olympic games.

      • We are not playing games but 1st need to set up economy , we keep priorities and to be self sufficient is important then winning a race in Olympic , sorry

      • Totally illogical and nonsensical arguments. India is the worlds 5th largest economy and going to be 4th largest soon. Where is your beloved Guyana in world ranking ? NOWHERE ! Economy stands on games performances ?!! Only a dumb and mentally retarded RG follower could think like this !!😆😆

        • India will need a lot of work to achieve a standard of living enjoyed in the west or China. Wealth is limited to 5% of the population. More than 500 m people still use open air toilets. More than that amount live in extreme poverty. Parents can’t marry away their daughters because of dowry. Corruption is rampant. Inferior infrastructure. Yes you are 5th richest country but it means nothing if huge section of masses live in poverty. Minorities are not treated well. Rape is considered as a petty crime.
          India has a long way to go.

          • This is true. We have a long way to go as far as standard of living is concerned. Many Indian citizens leave India because of this. We are very far behind developed countries. Maybe in another 25-50 year’s time we will reach the same standard. But by then the developed countries will be further ahead. The gap between rich and poor in India is one of the biggest in the world. We are far ahead in politics compared to other countries.

          • Very well said buddy. Sometimes truth hurts. Indians are upbeat about their economy and their new found status as a emerging power. The country will succeed if they can address the issue of shitty holes. Otherwise the whole country will be smelling shit and will be a good tourist attraction to see colorful indian butts.

      • Because we do not care as much for the medals… you do well in things you care for, we do well in many things, and it’s alright for us to have different tastes…

    • Dude, this is the truth. India is overally growing fast but if we are to see the countries at a same scale, we must divide by population.

      A 1 player getting 70 points can be defeated by 10 players gaining 8 points each. But the 1 player is individually doing better.

      Our population being high means our output should also be insanely high, proportional to the population.

      Considering your name, you look like a Bengali. Bengalis failing to understand such basic factors is rather unexpected. We are supposed to understand these factors before the rest of the Indians.

      • Totally illogical and nonsensical arguments. India is the worlds 5th largest economy and going to be 4th largest soon. Economy stands on games performances ?!! Only a dumb and mentally retarded RG follower could think like this !!😆😆

        • Population will never be a factor for comparision, as it includes in the statistics, Japan being a small country firmly holds good GDp number,
          India is growing but at the same time dragging because of poverty, here rich is becoming more rich and poor is becoming more poor.

    • Ashis, you are right. But then India does love to compare itself with countries which are 61m population!! Maybe you should stop that comparison amd start comparing India only with China.

      • Yes. Comparison between large economies like China and India is clearly logical but comparison between a behemoth and a minion is plainly illogical and nonsensical. RG followers are bereft of logic and comprehension!!

    • Who compared 1.42 billion lol, based on current data, this seems accurate. Everyone wants their country to be on top. India is like on 17 in imf data. Its cuz of popul. it couldnt make it, it is fast no doubt. but while calculating it, many factors are icluded, unemployment , population … so , you feel me.

    • Bruh why are you so jealous. It’s understandable that having higher population brings down our average but how is it others fault. Learn to appreciate others. No wonder you are from West Bengal

    • Its is truth just compare the same one union territory of india you will come to senses
      Indian economy is circus people think increasing the value product can get more llike one gram gold is equal to 20 trucks tomatoes which is better gold or tomatoes
      Gold stays but tomatoes perishes in one day

    • You can have a GDP like Luxembourg, yet it doesn’t tell you any sh*t about the life standard of the people inside this country. God is just one indicator. When does that get in people’s mind?

    • Perhaps a good question to ask is how reliable is the IMF data which is driven by Western mentality and thinking. Hopefully, the BRICS+ countries can establish their own common currency which is not tied to the US dollar…the shift to a World Order is imminent!…

  2. Really … all the coubtries you mentioned above are really non corrupt countries . Good thoight it was real waste of time. Thanks.

  3. India is doing great. Make in India concept will beat all countries in coming years. Big population means high chances of growth. One day India will be a superpower.

      • See who is talking about Karma. Minorities are now a days busy in increasing world population and making sure that the everyone on this soon gets out of resources. Change your mindset and be literate first. India is a secular country and has a inclusive approach. Come, visit India understand the culture and then introspect yourself. You are lucky, our culture don’t allow to use bad words for Women.

      • India and Pakistan will never get out of the vicious circle. They will all be where they have for many centuries, divided or united.
        They don’t have the basics: cleanliness, ethics, wellfare for their own people. They just don’t have the love for their own people. God bless.

      • About whom are you speaking??
        Try to check facts dear. We gave equal right to every one. Please check facts, it is kind request.

      • Sir, though our country is corrupted you western have no right to speak about it. You Western colonies us for several years, don’t you think you should return us those amount. You guys are racist and hippocrates.

    • Depends on what you would call a super power?? Yes it will be a super power in terms of overall gross gdp. But per capita it will take a long long time. Also if you take ground realities, at street level, it never will be.

  4. We Indians along with the Israelis are the best brains in the world and we are big in numbers too . New ideas and new thought process and the attitude will definitely help in succeeding.
    We can bring in the change needed to become the Best .
    From discovering Zero to becoming the Hero , am sure it will not take much time to lead the world in technology.

    • Zero was discovered my mesopotamians. They did not number it, they valued it. So out of all nations, only Israel and India have brains and others built their nations without brains. Your comment shows who lacks brain and who doesn’t.

  5. India a superpower? Do you think China doesn’t want to be a superpower too?
    To grasp the meaning of a GDP think like this: you have 100 people who produced $100 of goods in one year. On that same year, 10 people from another country produced $100 …who is the most powerful here?
    Now if you factor in the pollution and waste you generated to create that $100 again India will be a loser.
    In the future pollution and waste generation& control will be used to measure your GDP as well.

    • Please check facts about pollution, China and USA are most polluting countries. And about superpower, we never said that we want to be superpower, we juste want to keep out stance infront of world and maintain our position want we used to be in past.

  6. Not only this in any analysis people try to give themselves full marks and top position.i e.most beautiful women in the world,most handsome man in the world . etc. Every one has the right to dream guys don’t be panic.

  7. Well unlike other countries who are focused on Olympic games but we are not.But india has focused on people education which clearly seems you don’t have that , that’s why india produced more CEOs that any other countries for great companies.
    And yeah when it comes to the question india do have fastest growing economy but unlike above mentioned countries it has strong and stable economy ,when world face disaster like covid or wars, any country can face recession but the country which has strong economy can only be stable unlike above mentioned countries.
    Thank you

  8. Please verify the list of the fastest growing economy in 2023. You listed after the Fiji cones the “Democratic Republic of Congo”
    This is completely wrong. It must be the “Congo Brazzaville”

  9. India is been looted by many countries including British, Nizams and Portuguese. The nation has a brain power, grown up under family values and ethics and the people here are hardworking. We are raising above all’ and soon will lead the world. It’s a new India and believe in binding the world into a close family.

    • Indian has good education system, our college have produced world class CEOs at top coperation. And about civilization, India is one of the oldest civilization and have rich history. Please try to check facts about India and try to gain more information. What you people see in West is total different here.


  11. Y’all need to be humbled. You talk about how India will become a power country but you are all talk no show. You are only talking but still most of you are stuck in a lifestyle that does not show much for economic improvement. I do not mean that you need to cancel your Indian cultures, they are great but more Indians need to realise and accept that if you want your country to have more impact and more power you need to move forward with industrialization. You also talk about having a fast growing GDP and yes, you are right, India has a fast growing GDP bt it’d be good to check how GDP is calculated first. It does not take into consideration a lot of factors that should be taken care of if you want to calculate the REAL value of a country’s wealth. GDP is just there to make the country look better but honestly, it needs to make more mention of the gap between the poorer and the richer. Also, if you look well, you’d know that countries with faster growing GDPs are mostly the countries that are most underdeveloped. It might mean that India has a high GDP often bcs for a part of it, the country tries to solve the problem of poverty but idk about any facts regarding that (i made no research but I hope it be so). Yes, many CEOs come from India and I would not deny that India is very important and has produced a lot of great minds to the world but one should focus on the progression that needs to be done more than those that have been done. Not taking real numbers nor examples, but what’s the pirpose of having 10 000 smart men(as in men and women) and 7000 CEOs if many of them will leave the country and the population is over 1.3b… Not to forget that not every member of the society will accept change. Indian culture is beautiful and I fear that to attempt trying to become a developed country, there will be a loss of culture. Maybe it won’t be drastic nor fast but it will happen at some point a little. Anyway,
    When some of the comments said that India must not be compared to countries with a lesser population, they are right. How can you compare and Elephant to an ant. The elephant is more powerful but the ant might be able to move more easily. Afterall, all countries grow at their own speed. We cannot blame the other countries for having colonised us before if we might have done the same too if we could. The world is too money-minded and power craving.

    Now, lets not forget that fast growth, if not thought of and treated well, will only destroy the Earth. India does have a lot of pollution, this is not a piece of data to ignore nor deny but instead of arguing about which country has more pollution or wastage, it’d be better to try to lessen its amount. And Ik that Indian scientists have come up with great ideas to tackle the problem of pollution in the country which is great. We cannot lie to ourselves and think a country with no corruption, no pollution, no market failure, no wealth or income inequality exists or may exist. Facts must be faced and the truth of the world too.

    I do not doubt India can become a powercountry but before this happens, (as someone else mentioned above kinda) there’s a lot of work to do bcs as you will progress, other countries will progress too.
    The first thing thatcd be good to do would be to find the solutions to tackle the problems of poverty bcs if we check on the net, the Gini Coefficient in India is up to about 82.3. The amount has been increasing and it the first step to make India be a real growing country would be to make this number lower.

    India’s high GDP is mostly achieved by the great companies, especially all the vaccines or whatever happened during covid

    India provides a lot to the world but not enough to itself.
    No country is better than the other but really, things need to change within the country and people need to accept a new mindset.

    That’s all I have to say (or so I think).


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