How to Delete Whatsapp Channel – Remove Channel Process Step by Step

Check out the details about How to Delete Whatsapp Channel – Remove WB Channel Process Step by Step from this article. Different details about How to Delete Whatsapp Channel – Remove WB Channel Process Step by Step and other significant details are included in this article.

How to Delete Whatsapp Channel

Whatsapp is a widely used messenger application that allows its users to send text, voice, and video messages. In addition, to the messages, users can share a number of things, including location, contacts, documents, videos, etc. Moreover, users can also call their contacts using the voice and video call feature. Although Whatsapp was primarily made for Smartphones, it can also be accessed from computers through the Whatsapp Web feature.

You Need The Official Whatsapp To Use This Account

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Whatsapp was originally released in Jan 2009, and due to its amazing features, it gained significant popularity and users very quickly. Every day, millions of people around the world use Whatsapp as part of their daily routine. In addition, the developers of Whatsapp constantly keep on updating Whatsapp to fix its bugs and add or enhance features.

Recently, Whatsapp released a new update that features “Channel”. The new “Channel” feature received a good response from many users, but some users did not like it. As we know, there are numerous social media applications, that can be used to get the latest news about celebrities, athletes, companies, etc.

Now that the Whatsapp Channel has been added to this significant messenger application, the users who did not like this feature are looking for ways to remove it. There is currently no option available for users to delete the Whatsapp Channel. However, the one who created the Whatsapp Channel can easily delete it.

Whatsapp Channel

The Whatsapp channel feature was released a few days ago. Through this newly added feature, users can get new updates about many organizations, sports teams, celebrities, etc. by joining their channels. This new channel feature of Whatsapp was launched in over one hundred and fifty countries across the globe.

How to Delete Whatsapp Channel

The Whatsapp channel option is added to the place where the status option used to be. The Whatsapp channel option is right under the status option. After joining the channel, users can send their reactions to the posts available on a particular channel. In addition, a search option is also added along with the Whatsapp Channel so that users can easily find their favourite organizations, artists, sports teams, actors, etc.

The Channels available in a particular region or country are automatically filtered according to the country/region. The admins of a Whatsapp channel will get an additional feature very soon, which will allow them to change their updates for up to 30 days.

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Remove WB Channel Process Step by Step

Currently, the Whatsapp Channel can only be deleted by the Admins. The Step by Step process to remove the Whatsapp Channel is as follows –

  • Open the Whatsapp Application on your phone.
  • Click “Updates” and tap on your channel name.
  • Select the Delete Channel option and click on Delete.
  • Now enter your number for confirmation purposes.
  • “You deleted your channel” will appear after deleting the channel.

However, there are currently no options for deleting the channel section from the Whatsapp application for normal users. If the users wish to remove the channel section completely from their Whatsapp Application, they have to downgrade their application.

Follow these steps to Remove the Whatsapp Channel feature-

  • First of all, make a backup of your chats.
  • For this, go to your application and open settings.
  • Now, go to chats and click Chat Backup.
  • Follow the available process to backup your chats.
  • After the backup process is finished, the time of backup will be updated.
  • Now, delete your Whatsapp application (uninstall it).
  • For this, go to device settings -> Apps -> Whatsapp -> Uninstall -> Yes.
  • After uninstalling Whatsapp, search in your browser for download Whsatsapp.
  • Open any website from the search results and choose the previous version of Whatsapp.
  • Download and install it. (you might have to allow the permission to install unknown apps).
  • Sign in using your phone number by verifying OTP.
  • At the time of login, you will receive an option to restore the backup associated with a particular email.
  • Wait for the restoration of the backup to complete.
  • The Whatsapp Channel option should be removed.

However, after some point, the application will ask for updates, and if you update your application, the Whatsapp Channel will be added again. More information about How to Delete Whatsapp Channel will be updated soon.

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