IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Function, Open Date, Photos, How it Works

Let us tell you about IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Function, Open Date, Photos, and How it Works in this article. Our country is developing! IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Function is one of the supreme examples of it. Everywhere on the media dn news, you will get to see the same news regarding the new elevated area at IGI.

IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Function

The idea for the Elevated Cross Taxiway is to adjust the traffic, maintain air quality and provide ease to the passengers. The news is coming directly from New Delhi regarding the all-new Airport Taxiway for the Delhi Airport. All the security concerns are considered beforehand to protect the local citizens from accidents. The total time will be 7 to 20 minutes which will be saved for the passengers from this elevated way.

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The IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Function will take place on July 13 by Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. Earlier, only foreign countries had this facility, but now it has finally arrived in India, providing several benefits to the citizens. This was a big project that took a lot of time to complete. The final tests will be completed soon, and an elevated area will be opened.


  • To reduce the distance between taking a taxi and moving out of the Airport
  • Reduction of Aircraft emissions
  • Save natural resources such as ATF
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency

IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Open Date

The work is in progress. It has been regularly checked by the ministers and authorities of the concerned department.

IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Function

According to the latest news reports, the open date is coming closer. IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway details are as follows:

  • Length: 1.8 km
  • Width: 203 metres
  • Expansion of Terminal: T1 Terminal expanded
  • Unchanged Terminal: The T3 terminal will remain as it is
  • Concerned Authority: Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, and more.

A meeting was held between BCAS DG Zulfiquar Hasan and Delhi Police (CISF). Although a specific open date is not yet released by the authorities, the only month we are getting to hear is September.

IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Overview

Airport Indira Gandhi International Airport
Current Project IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway
Dimensions of Elevated Taxiway Length: 1.8 km
Width: 203 metres
Changed Terminals T1, T2
Unchanged Terminals T3
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IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Photos

Here are some of the photos of the elevated Taxiway

IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Photos

The view is fantastic from above there.

IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway

Security measures have been taken care of while constructing the way.

IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Photos

The Airport will soon be taking fresh breaths with the beginning of a new way at the Airport.

IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway Photos

The first-ever Airport Elevated Taxiway is here in India too!

Airport Elevated Taxiway

We have shared only a few images; you can check out more images from the media sources or the internet if you want to.

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How Does Elevated Taxiway Work?

This cross taxiway (elevated) is built in such a way that it connects various airfields within the airport. The main function of the elevated way is to provide access to the terminal area. The new function will be helpful in the movement of aeroplanes without disturbing the internal and external processes of the Airport.

The elevated taxiway will ensure the safe take-off and landing of the plane even when the vehicles are moving on the elevated road. Indira Gandhi International Airport is currently experiencing fresh beginnings. The important aspects are managed by the Airports Economic Regulatory Authority.

Benefits from IGI Airport Elevated Taxiway

The final touches will be made after all the testing is done by the concerned authorities to ensure the safety of the public. Even the jumbo-size taxi was taken to test the elevation, and the test was successful. The benefit of this elevation is the less emission of harmful CO2 emissions. Approximately 55,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum will be reduced by this major step. One of the ministers has released a statement that the IGI will soon be emitting zero carbon at the airport. This is expected to be achieved by the year 2030.

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  1. The tiles put on the walls of the elevated taxiway look horrible. Is the structure a bathroom ? Nowhere else in the world such shoddy finishes are giving. Concrete structures like these should best be painted in simple off-white or light khaki colors without any designs. The arches between the columns make the structure look dated. Arches look best in temples. As for illumination why didn’t they plan to embed the light fixtures in the ceiling to create diffused lighting ? In it’s present form the light fixtures are exposed and the illumination hits the motorists eyes directly. This can be hazardous. In structures like these ceilings are always painted black to reduce the blinding effect of bright lighting. My humble request to DIAL is to remove the ugly looking tiles and make the arches straight lined.

  2. a big leap for the indian aviation. will open new doors for the aviation industry and add new directions to the growth trajectory.our nation is soaring the new sky with this new take off. Great work by Team L&T specially their structural work engineering team. Kudos


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