Tejas MK1A Specifications, Engine, Price, Range, Radar, Hardpoints

Check out the details about Tejas MK1A Specifications, Engine, Price, Range, Radar, Hardpoints from this article. Different information about Tejas MK1A Specifications, Engine, Price, Range, Radar, Hardpoints, and other significant details are included in this article.

Tejas MK1A Specifications

Tejas MK1A is an advanced fighter jet developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. According to the information, Tejas MK1A is built from about 65% indigenous components and has advanced and multirole capabilities. Moreover, there are 43 additional improved features over Mark 1 Jets.

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Some of the advanced specifications of Tejas MK1A fighter jets include Active Electronically Scanned Array, air-to-air refueling, long range BVR, advanced electronic warfare system, and many other significant features. These multirole MK1A fighter jets were introduced to the Indian Air Force in order to replace the aging fleet of MiG 21 fighter jets.

Tejas MK1A Overview

Name Tejas MK1A
Originated from India
Developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Developed for Indian Air Force
Deal 83 (73 MK1A Single Seater and 10 Mk1 FOC trainers)
Delivery Date between 2024 to 2028
Engine GE-404 Engine
For more information hal-india.co.in

Tejas MK1A Engine

Tejas MK1A includes a powerful and advanced GE-404 Engine. This engine was developed by General Electric. Many aspects of this significant engine, such as the Fan, Cumbustor, High Pressure Turbine, Low Pressure Turbine, Afterburner & Nozzle, and many other things, are made up of the latest technology and help the engine to deliver powerful outputs.

Tejas MK1A Specifications

Tejas MK1A is an advanced version of Mark 1 fighter jets. Currently, these significant LCA Tejas are under development by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. In addition, multiple tests will be conducted on Tejas MK1A by HAL before delivering it to the Indian Air Force. With the addition of Tejas MK1A to the fleet of fighter jets, the capabilities and power of the Indian Air Force will exponentially increase.

Tejas MK1A Price

On January 13, 2021, the contract for 73 Tejas MK1A fighter aircraft and 10 Tejas Mark 1 Trainer aircraft was handed to HAL. The total worth of this significant contract was INR 48 thousand crores. The cost of these fighter jets was around INR 45,696 crores and an additional cost of INR 1,202 crores was for Design and Development.

This INR 48,000 crore deal is the largest defence contract for an indigenous manufacturer. Recently, it was revealed that the Indian Air Force plans to purchase an additional batch of 100 Tejas MK1A fighter jets. If accepted by the Defence Ministry, HAL will start manufacturing 100 more Tejas MK1A fighter aircraft, and it will surely increase the operational capabilities of the Indian Air Force.

Tejas MK1A Radar

Tejas MK1A fighter jets are equipped with Uttam AESA Radar. The radar is liquid-cooled and features quad-band modules that can stack to form a bigger unit. These significant radars have around 18 modes, which provide different functionalities.

The new and technologically advanced Uttam AESA Radar provides a number of functional capabilities, such as extended detection range, Pulse Doppler, Simultaneous Operational Modes, Flexible interfaces, High mission reliability, High ECM immunity, and various other features.

Tejas MK1A Range

Tejas MK1A higher jets have a top speed of 2220 km/h. The powerful GE-404 engine delivers a significant amount of thrust with its advanced afterburner. Additionally, its lightweight allows Tejas MK1A to reach even higher ranges than its predecessors.

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Tejas MK1A fighter jets have IFR capabilities, OBOGS System, Astra BVRAAM and ASRAAM missiles, UEWS, EL/M-2052 AESA Radar, and various other capability enhancement specifications.

Tejas MK1A is designed to be lightweight in order to provide an optimized weight distribution. Not only does this positively affect the capacity, but it also enhances its range and other standard features. The cockpit of Tejas MK1A is also designed to provide more space and features for the operating personnel.

Tejas MK1A Hardpoints

The hardpoints in any aircraft or fighter jet is its capability to mount enhancements or devices. In simple terms, hardpoints can be referred to as mounting points. These hardpoints are used to mount a number of devices, such as missiles, weapons, support equipment, drop tanks, targeting pods, and various other things.

These hardpoints can significantly enhance the capacity of any fighter jet. According to the sources, Tejas MK1A has 8 hardpoints. It means that 8 objects or devices can be mounted on the Tejas MK1A fighter jet to increase its functionality and capabilities. Additionally, these hardpoints are located at different positions in the Tejas MK1A fighter jet. It also means that in a certain position, only the compatible and specific device or attachment can be mounted.

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  1. After a long awaited period Indian fighter jet has fulfilled the gap,its very pleasant for we Indians.lot of congratulations to I.A.F. Thanks.

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