Isro Shukrayaan launch Date! Shukrayaan 1 Venus Mission Update

ISRO Shukrayaan Launch Date Check online. Shukrayan 1 Mission Update News. ISRO Venus New Mission Time, Name, शुक्रयान कब लांच होगा. Indian Space Research Organization, also known as ISRO has come with a new update i.e. Shukra Mission Launch Date. As we know our space organization has done a very good job in the moon mission as well as the sun mission. And it is time that they go ahead with one more achievement which is the ISRO Venus Mission.

ISRO Shukrayaan Launch Date

The latest update coming on social networks is the new project of ISRO which has the Shukra Mission Launch Date. As per the details, the launch of this mission is expected to happen this month. Although the official name of this mission has not revealed yet. But soon the people of India will know what the official name of ISRO Venus Mission is.

However, the unofficial name of Venus Mission 2025 is known as Shukrayan. Due to this, many people want to know about Shukra Mission Launch Date. In addition, the name of this mission is expected to be derived from Venus Hindi meaning which is known as Shukra. Through this Shukra Mission, the scientists of ISRO going to study the surface of Venus as well as what atmosphere is available on this planet.

ISRO Venus Mission News

Before planning for the Venus Mission, there was observation done by the scientists about this planet so that they could do the Shukra Mission. Through this scientist want to become assurance about their prediction whether it is right or not. But with this, the information has searched by the citizens about the Shukra Mission Launch Date. Because this is important for the scientist their prediction should be correct to achieve some new goal in science.

Shukra Mission Launch Date: Technical Information

  • Power 500W
  • Science Payload 100 Kgs
  • Payloads. 16 Indians and 17 International
  • Indian Instruments like Venus L & S-Band SAR, LIVE, NAVA, VSEAM, Venus Solar, RAVI, VeRad, and others.

Shukrayaan Mission Date

The main aim behind the ISRO Shukra Mission is to find out the atmosphere details of Venus as well as its surface study. Before this, we saw that our ISRO scientist had done a good job in Chandrayaan 3 and Aditya L1 which are related to the moon and sun respectively. Now Indian Space Research Organization has become popular with its work in scientific missions with Aditya L1 and Chandrayaan 3 missions. This is the first time a scientist has reached this level.

ISRO Shukrayan Mission Update
ISRO Shukrayan Mission Update

The name of Shukra Mission is derived from the hindi meaning of Venus in our country which has Shukra. Finally, the Indian Space Research Organization has come up with its new goal which is the ISRO Venus Mission. Soon the people of India will get the name of the mission. Because this does not have an official name. In a few days, the official name of this mission is going to be out.

Title of Article Shukra Mission Lunch Date, ISRO Venus
Name of Mission ISRO Venus Mission
Type of Mission Venus Orbiter
Category of Article Launch Date
Duration of Mission 4 Years (Expected)
Main Objective To study Venus Surface and its atmosphere
Tentative Date of Launch Dec 2024
Budget of Mission Approx Rs 500 to 1000 Crore

ISRO Shukrayan 1 Mission 2025

However, there is another name that is making buzz on the internet and the mission name might be Venus Orbiter Mission. So to confirm information about the Shukra Mission Launch Date people need to wait for a few more days. The date of launch of the Shukra Mission is going to come with the name of the mission as well. Moreover, we also going to provide the details about the indian instruments which are going to be used in this mission.

As we know in the Hindu community Venus is known as Shukra and in our culture people used to workshop this planet also. Shukra Mission Launch Date is available in a few days. After that scientists of ISRO are also going to provide information about the budget of this project. Moreover, as per expectation, the budget of this mission is expected to be from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 Crore. So we wish our scientists become successful this time also. Because this has also one of the important missions.

ISRO Venus Mission News

Before this there was no country reach for the study of Venus planet. This might be the first for the Indian Space Research Organization that they going to do ISRO Shukra Mission Launch Date.  However, this kind of mission is not easy. Because there is a long time duration in which scientists complete their research. Due to this, it has expected that the duration of the Venus Mission will be around four years. Because it requires lots of effort, research, and work hard to scientific research.

Shukra Mission Launch Date

As we know this mission is also going to take time. Because scientists have to research and work on many things before the launch of any space-related projects. Similarly, Venus Mission has expected to launch in Dec 2024. After that time, the location as well as the date of launch also be updated by the authority of this mission. So for this citizens need to wait for the next year.

ISRO Venus Mission Objectives

  • Firstly, this has resurfacing processes.
  • Secondly, it is going to surface the stratigraphy.
  • Also, scientists going to check the ionosphere of Venus Planet through this mission.
  • After that, scientists also going to study the dynamics, atmospheric chemistry, and compositional variation of this planet.
  • Thirdly, the scientists also researched phosphine.
  • In addition, the wind interaction with Venus also going to be checked.
  • However, there are other objectives of this mission also available which are going to be clear soon.

Before this Indian Space Research Organization also worked on Chandrayaan 3 and Aditya L1 which has created great success for our scientists. It is through their hard work that they become successful. Although the Chandrayaan 3 mission was the third attempt by the scientist. But now it has also become a big achievement for our ISRO team.

Now Shukra Mission Launch Date has searched by many people due to this it has mentioned that in Dec 2024 the launch going to happen. So wait for a few more days for more updates.

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