Jyoti Mirdha Biography, Family, Age, Height, Career, Education, Joins BJP

You will find crucial information about the Jyoti Mirdha Biography, Family, Age, Height, Career, Education, Joins BJP from here. One of the most-heard name on social media and on the news channels for the present year is Jyoti. Since the time she joined the Lok Sabha to date, the politician has collected a handful of positive comments from the people. Specific details will be shared in Jyoti Mirdha Biography for your reference.

Jyoti Mirdha Biography

Verve of Lok Sabha seems to be taking the ministers of the various political parties on their nerves. The candidates from the parties are changing their positions as well as posts from a different party.

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We will be discussing the most popular Indian politician, Jyoti. Her work and the essence of the aura have made her switch her existing party. Let’s get the complete information about her from Jyoti Mirdha Biography.

Jyoti Mirdha Family Details

Ram Prakash Mirdha (Father) and Veena Mirdha (Mother); her parents were a backbone for every obstacle that she had faced during her struggle years. Apart from the presence of her guardian, her grandfather, Nathuram Mirdha, was a Freedom Fighter and a social reformer. You can say that the skill of being in politics is in genes.

Jyoti Mirdha Biography

People were a great supporter of Nathuram Mirdha as he had improved the Agricultural and Cooperative sectors of Rajasthan. The relation between Nathuram and Lok Sabha is like a pair of scissors. He won the Lok Sabha elections for 6 times. This record has been beneficial for the citizens of the state and has been a great time in the history of the nation.

Jyoti Mirdha Biography Overview

Article Title Jyoti Mirdha Biography
Name Jyoti Mirdha
Profession Indian Politician
Party Name (Past) Indian National Congress
Party Name (New) Bhartiya Janta Party
Offer Made to Jyoti By BJP President, CP Joshi
Age 51
Height 158 cm/5.4 Feet
Education Graduate
Family Ram Prakash Mirdha (Father) and Veena Mirdha (Mother), Shri Narender Gehlaut (Spouse)
Grandaughter of Nathuram Mirdha (Freedom Fighter, Social Reformer, Political Leader)
Education Graduate
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac Sign Leo
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Trending: Jyoti Mirdha Joins BJP

Jyoti belong to a Jat political family who had served the people with their talents and political power. Grasping the favors of Jyoti in Rajasthan state being a part of the Indian National Congress. She has now backpacked her political skills all the way around to Delhi, leaving the Congress party in a shock. BJP President CP Joshi had offered a seat in the party for which Jyoti Mirdha agreed.

Do you think it was easy and so convincible for CP Joshi to include Jyoti in the party? Let’s uncover the political secret. Nagaur is an area who a majority of Jats, which means a wide amount of voters for the upcoming elections. Great Move by Bhartiya Janta Party.

Media is hardly highlighting the name of one more Congress Leader who has joined the BJP, Retired IPS Sawai Singh Chaudhary. Sadokan village is a part of Nagaur (Residency of Sawai Singh) that is also a geographical location where you will find the majority of the Jat Community. Again an add-on for the party to receive votes!

The frequency of political moves that the Bhartiya Janta Party is taking are a stepping stones to win the upcoming elections. However, there will be a lot more transfers in between the parties until the Lok Sabha Elections get over. Stay tuned with BSEHExam.org to get the latest updates.

What is the Age of Jyoti Mirdha?

Political issues are always the same: the request from the citizens. But the way to handle them by choosing the way discipline, Indian Constitution, and regulations of the political parties is the style of Jyoti.

26 July 1972 is the birth year of the political leader. It is rightly said that age is simply a number when it comes to social service. Discussing about the other Lok Sabha members who might be elder and more experienced than the leader. But ethnicity is something that is pleased by the fans and supporters.

Jyoti Mirdha Height

158 cm 04 5.4 Feet is the height of the political leader.

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Jyoti Mirdha Education

Jyoti had completed her MBBS in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Sawai Man Singh Medical College is the name of the college/university from where she got the knowledge in the discipline.

Thereafter, she began her political career. Gaining stability in her career was the perfect time for her marriage. Shri Narender Gehlaut is the name of her husband, who is a Businessman by profession. The couple is blessed with a son.

Jyoti Mirdha Career

2009 to 2014 was the time when she was elected to the Lok Sabha Elections (Nagaur Seat). She won the elections with 1.55 Million Votes, which is a jaw-dropping number. She was a member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare. Her party was Congress during these years. She reflected on her knowledge and actions on issues such as Drugs, the HPV Vaccine, Organ Donation Legislation, and more.

2010 was the time that brought a change in the favors that had been provided to physicians by the Pharmaceutical companies. She wrote a letter to the concerned ministry regarding the unavailability of the physicians. There were 11 physicians, and around 30 of their family members were found to be on vacation in England & Scotland. Her voice was enough to highlight the issue. However, the facts did not go on her side.

She was about to reach the 16 Lok Sabha elections but lost it with 7500 votes. This data is taken from an internet source. No worries, the strong mind can take over the forthcoming elections, considering her past work.

From previous experiences, challenges, and opportunities, Jyoti has now reached a level where she entertains success, competition, fame, and, mostly, the required service to the citizens.

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