Karnataka Election Poll 2023 Who is winning? Exit & Opinion Polls

Karnataka Election Poll 2023 Who is winning? Exit & Opinion Polls can be checked from the official website of the Polls. Assembly elections in Karnataka will occur on May 10th, and the results will become available on May 13th.

Karnataka Election Poll 2023

This election will be essential for the BJP since it will establish the political climate for the election to the Lok Sabha in 2024. Even though it did not win majority seats in the most recent election for the Karnataka Assembly, the BJP emerged as the party with the maximum total votes. Continue reading to learn more about Karnataka Election Poll 2023.

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There are 224 seats available in Karnataka’s Legislative Assembly. Karnataka, like Odisha, is a 3-way contest. The BJP, the Congress, and the JD(S) are the primary parties in this election. Being in power for such a long period has allowed the Congress party in Karnataka’s state unit to become well structured and well funded, in contrast to the situation in most other states.

Karnataka Election Poll

On the other hand, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will constrain by peculiar constraints, such as a restricted number of caste alliances and geographic control brought about by the JD(S). On Christmas, former BJP leader Gali Janardhana Reddy announced the formation of a political organization known as the “Kalyana Rajya Pragati Paksha.” This party will serve the people living in the Kalyana Karnataka region, comprising seven districts: Bidar, Yadgir, Raichur, Koppal, Kalaburagi, and Ballari.

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Karnataka Election Opinion Poll 2023

There is a significant gap between the seat projections of the two major parties, as shown by the polls, and this indicates that the election will be a close one. Thirty percent of respondents in Karnataka approved of the current BJP government, while twenty-four percent disapproved of the same government.

There are approximately 20 BJP seats in a precarious position, and another 9 JD(S) seats may go to the Congress party. These 29 votes might bring the Congress party closer to 100 while maintaining the BJP close to the same number. As a result, the JD(S) may play a significant role in establishing the subsequent government.

Karnataka Election Poll 2023: Who is winning?

The BJP loses its majority in the Karnataka Legislative Council.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will reduce to a minority position in the Karnataka Legislative Council due to the resignation of two of its MLC members on Tuesday, April 4th. A simple majority will hold by the BJP, which consists of 39 MLCs.

Puttanna, a BJP MLC, and Baburao Chinchansur, another BJP MLC, both tendered their resignations, bringing the BJP’s total down to 37. Additionally, BJP leader Ayanur Manjunath has declared that he will step down from his position as an MLC. The BJP currently has 37 members in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, while the Congress has 26 and the JD(S) has 8.

Congress Hit by Shivakumar vs. Siddaramaiah?

Both DK Shivakumar and Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah are interested in becoming Chief Minister of Karnataka if the Congress party successfully regains power. Despite their best efforts to present a united front in public, there is a developing dispute between the two leaders within the party.

Both leaders are working hard to get the support of as many MLAs as possible. Recent statements by Siddharamaiah indicate that he believes the high command of the Congress party will not intervene in the selection of the Chief Minister if the party gains power.

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Who Will be the next Karnataka CM in 2023?

A recent South First-People’s Pulse poll found that 28% of people think Congress leader Siddaramaiah will be the best chief minister. Basavaraj Bommai, the current Chief Minister and a BJP politician, is ranked second, with 19% of the vote. About 18% voted for previous CM and JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy, and about 11% voted for BJP candidate BS Yediyurappa. Only 5% picked DK Shivakumar, the Congress party president in Karnataka.

36% of people think the party’s Chief Ministerial candidate is the most crucial factor affecting their vote. Only 11% said that the party’s manifesto was the most important. The most current polls show that Congress is in the lead. In the case of a tied election, about 41% of voters chose an alliance between Congress and the JDS, while 38% chose an association between the BJP and the JDS.

Karnataka voters’ “major concern” is corruption, followed by the safety of women and rising prices. 38% think the Congress was better for Karnataka’s growth, while 36% thought the BJP was better. Most people were happy with how their MLA had done and wanted them to re-elect.

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