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We will be sharing important information about M Sankaran Biography, Chandrayaan 3, Age, Salary, Photo, Wiki, ISRO Scientist, and more from here. We are so busy in our daily lives and are stuck in small little tasks of the day without realizing the fact that there are several individuals out there who are chasing their dreams. One among those is a scientist from ISRO, M Sankaran. We will be giving you brief details about M Sankaran Biography for your reference.

M Sankaran Biography

The Indian space research organisation have a bunch of talented scientists. They give the best of their performance while working with the organisation.

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He is currently working as a Director if U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) which is the lead centre in the country for the design, development, and realization of all the satellites of ISRO. He was appointed in 2021 for this particular role.

Sankaran on Chandrayaan 3

Areas in which M Sankaran works include navigation, communication, remote sensing, meteorology, and inter-planetary exploration.

M Sankaran Biography

Scientists have a distinctive knowledge of outer space research as well. Thus, he was appointed for the Chandrayaan Missions 1 and 2. Although the missions were not up to the mark. He has played a vital role in guiding the other scientists for Chandrayaan 3, and we all are aware of the successful steps that the mission is taking gradually.

M Sankaran Biography Overview

Scientist Name M Sankaran
Profile Distinguish Scientist
Past Distinguish Scientist @ISRO
Present Director @ URSC
Joining Year 1 June 2021
Age 52 Years
Outer Space Mission Chandrayaan 3
Area of Work communication and power systems  in URSC
Projects Handled Satellite Positioning System, RF Communication System, Geostationary satellite, Navigation Satellite, Outer Space Mission (Chandrayaan 1, 2, & 3), and more
Industries Worked In Battery systems, testing of solar panels, etc.
Awards ISROS’s Performance Excellence Award, Peer Reviewed Journals and International Conferences (50 Publications)
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M Sankaran Age

M Sankaran was born in the year 1971. India did not knowing the fact that a gem had arrived to make the country proud. When Sankaran was working with ISRO, he used to take care of various projects Satellite Positioning System, RF Communication System, Geostationary satellite, Navigation Satellite, Outer Space Mission (Chandrayaan 1, 2, & 3), and more. And now, he is in the post of Deputy Director. He was working in communication and power systems at URSC. He used to spearhead the development of the running projects.

M Sankaran Salary

His total experience is 35 years in the industry. You can analyze how much honed his skills are! The salary package of the scientist is around 15 Lakh. This amount varies according to his past work, experience and the talent he has that keeps on modifying. With his consistent efforts and dedication, he has achieved a significant level of success.

M Sankaran’s Projects so far

The scientist or the Director @URSC has accomplished a wide range of projects meanwhile he was in Indian Space Research Organisation and likewise.

  • Satellite Positioning System.
  • RF Communication System.
  • Geostationary satellite.
  • Navigation satrellites.
  • Interplanetary missions such as Chndryaan 1 & 2.
  • Guided ISRO scientists for Chandrayaan 3 Mission.
  • Space Missions: Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) & Chandrayaan
  • Industries: Battery systems, testing of solar panels

Skills: Miniaturisation of avionics systems, indigenisation of electronics & power system components, satellite bus development, he was also qualified for the Gaganyaan programme.

M Sankaran Photo

M Sankaran

We believe that our country will continue to create such scientists for the welfare of the country.

ISRO Scientist

M Sankaran Wiki

The scientist has completed his master’s degree in Physics. The university’s name is Bhaharthidasan University it is situated in Tiruchirappalli. The passing year was 1986. His skills and vast knowledge of the facts about the field of study would be quite small to explain in words. He is been working so well that he is now capable of managing and training the newcomers or the other scientists of the Space Agency.

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Awards of ISRO Scientist

The following are some of the awards that M Sankaran has received during their career years.

Particulars Year
ISROS’s Performance Excellence Award 2017
ISROS’s Performance Excellence Award 2018
He has completed around 50 Publications to his credit in Peer Reviewed Journals and International Conferences.

Our nation is proud to have scientists like M Sankaran for the betterment and growth in all sectors. Space is one of the promising platforms that assure respect to the country.

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