MP BJP Candidates List 2023 Constituency Wise MLA List for 2024 Election

Check out the details about MP BJP Candidates List 2023 Constituency Wise MLA List for 2024 Election from this article. Various details about MP BJP Candidates List 2023 Constituency Wise MLA List for 2024 Election, and other significant are included in this article.

MP BJP Candidates List 2023

All political parties in MP are gearing up for the upcoming Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly Elections 2023. These elections in Madhya Pradesh will be held to elect all the members in 230 constituencies. With these elections, a new ruling government in MP will be decided.

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Although in 2018 elections in MP, INC formed the government, and Kamal Nath became the CM. Later, 22 MLAs from Congress Party resigned, leading to the collapse of the ruling government and the resignation of Kamal Nath from his post of CM. BJP has recently released a list of 39 candidates for the upcoming MP Elections.

MP Election Overview

Name of the Elections Legislative Assembly Elections 2023
State Madhya Pradesh
CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan
Major Parties BJP, INC, AAP, BSP, CPI (Marxist), SP, CPI, AIMIM
Number of Constituencies 230
Election Notification To be announced
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MP Elections BJP Candidates 2023

On August 17, 2023, Bharatiya Janata Party released a list of 39 candidates for the MP Legislative Assembly Elections 2023. Although the Election Commission of India has not announced the date of the elections, it is expected that MP Elections 2023 will commence by the end of this year. The government in power will be determined by the number of MP constituencies that support them.

MP BJP Candidates List

The recently released list of 39 BJP candidates is as follows-

S.No. Constituency BJP Candidate
1 Sabalgarh Sarla Vijendra Rawat
2 Sumawali Adal Singh Kansana
3 Gohad Lal Singh Arya
4 Pichhore Preetam Lodhi
5 Chachoura Priyanka Meena
6 Chanderi Jagannath Singh Raghuvanshi
7 Banda Veerendra Singh Lambardar
8 Maharajpur Kamakhya Pratap Singh
9 Chhatarpur Lalita Yadav
10 Pathariya Lakhan Patel
11 Gunnaor Rajesh Kumar Verma
12 Chitrakoot Surendra Singh Gaharwar
13 Pushprajgarh Herrasingh Shyam
14 Barwara Dhirendra Singh
15 Bargi Neeraj Thakur
16 Jabalpur Purba Anchal Sonkar
17 Shahpura Omprakash Dhurwey
18 Bichhiya Vijay Anand Marawi
19 Baihar Bhagat Singh Netam
20 Lanji Rajkumar Karrahe
21 Barghat Kamal Maskole
22 Gotegaon Mahendra Nagesh
23 Saunsar Nanabhau Mohod
24 Pandhurna Prakash Uikey
25 Multai Chandrashekhar Deshmukh
26 Bhainsdehi Mahendra Singh Chouhan
27 Bhopal Uttar Alok Sharma
28 Bhopal Madhya Dhruv Narayan Singh
29 Sonkatch Rajesh Sonkar
30 Maheshwar Rajkumar Mev
31 Kasrawad Atmaram Patel
32 Alirajpur Nagar Singh Chouhan
33 Jhabua Bhanu Bhuriya
34 Petiawad Nirmala Bhuriya
35 Kukshi Jaydeep Patel
36 Dharampuri Kalu Singh Thakur
37 Rau Madhu Verma
38 Tarana Tarachand Goyal
39 Ghatiya Satish Malviya

After formulating the list of other candidates for the remaining constituencies, BJP will release the names. Aside from BJP, other major parties, such as INC, AAP, SP, BSP, etc., will also release the list of their candidates who will represent their respective parties in different constituencies in MP.

MP Constituency Wise MLA List for 2024 Election

As we know, there are a total of 230 constituencies in Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, to form a government, one needs a majority (116 seats) in MP Legislative Assembly. There are a different number of constituencies in each district of Madhya Pradesh, such as Morena, Bhind, Shivpuri, Guna, Ashok Nagar, Sagar, etc.

Each party, who is participating in the MP Elections will submit the list of their candidates to the Election Commission of India. Additionally, a list of star campaigners from each party will also be submitted to the ECI before the commencement of the campaign period. The leaders and ministers of each party will campaign to gain support for their nominated candidates.

MP Election Details 2023

Along with the List of MP Candidates, BJP also released a list of the candidates for Chhattisgarh (21 Candidates). BJP is trying its best and formulating plans to counter other parties in MP in order to win and become the ruling party again. Previously, although BJP became the ruling government in 2020, they were unable to form the government through the elections, as they couldn’t get the majority of seats.

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Many people are eagerly anticipating the election of the government they support. Additionally, if a party, other than BJP wins the majority of seats in the upcoming legislative elections in Madhya Pradesh, a new candidate will assume the position of CM.

MP Election Dates 2023

The election commission of India is yet to make an announcement regarding the commencement of MP Legislative Elections. Nevertheless, many are expecting the elections in MP to commence in November 2023. First, the notification for the elections will be released. Then, the Parties will submit their nominations.

As per schedule, the polling will be conducted at 230 constituencies of MP. After the poll counting is done, the result will be announced.

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