Ozotec Bheem EV Price in India, Range, Charging Time, Speed

Get to know the essential details on Ozotec Bheem EV Price in India, Range, Charging Time, and Speed from this article. The great news is popping up in the media for Ozotec Bheem EV Price in India. Barathan (CEO & Owner) has revealed the product’s specific details. Scroll down to know more.

Ozotec Bheem EV Price in India

Ozotec Bheem EV is an electric vehicle that will require a battery to work. It is the most affordable and amazing bike that has been launched by the company ever. The buyers are getting ready to purchase the 6th fabulous model of Bheem. Earlier variations have mesmerised the public with their significant features. Ozotec Bheem EV Price in India is starting from more than 65000 to more than a lakh.

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Ozotec Bheem EV is available for purchase from 25th May 2023. Many of the customers have already booked it in advance out of which most models are already sold. Hurry up to get one for you! Ozotec Bheem fulfils the limitations of the current electric vehicles that are running on the market. It is successfully driven and tested by the experts, and now it is available for purchase in the market.

Ozotec Bheem EV Range

Today’s time is going on for electric vehicles, whether it is a four-wheeler or two-wheeler. The most highlighted feature of any vehicle is how much the rider can track with it. Thus, the company have considered the range of BHEEM EV at the first end.

Ozotec Bheem EV Price in India

Its appearance is as same as that of Luna; “Elegant yet stylish”. It is perfect for any height and weight of an individual. The range of this groundbreaking electric vehicle is 525 km. It is an excellent choice for consumers as it is capable of driving in all weather conditions and on all types of roads. If you are planning for a road trip then Ozotec Bheem EV is ideal to start the fun.

Ozotec Bheem EV Features

EV is built with a lattice frame that makes it durable. Thus, it ensures the safety of the riders. It has a 3W motor for better accessibility and IP67 protection for torque.

Most people do not prefer electric vehicles due to the fact that their battery is not durable. But we would like to tell you that it will not be the case with BHEEM EV. It is a full aluminium die-cast PDC Housing-certified battery that is long-lasting. Of course, with rough usage, it will get damaged with time. If you will use it in a nice way then it will be of your greatest use.

The advanced wire welding technology ensures safety for the riders. But the riders must also use safety equipment such as a helmet, gears etc for ultimate protection.

Have you driven Ola’s electric vehicle? it has a music system that connects to your smartphone to give the best user experience. The dashboard shows the speed, battery, kilometre, navigation, trip history and more are displayed on it. Customers can buy various accessories that will make the vehicle appear more stylish and amazing.

Ozotec Bheem EV Charging Time

The batter power of Ozotec Bheem is 10kWh and an individual can drive at a range of 500 kilometres. For its best usage, charge it fully before you leave for your destination! An intelligent battery management system is installed in the vehicle to assure better battery coverage while you are on the go. Ozotec Bheem EV Charging Time is 4.5 hours. Therefore, you need to keep it on charge for a maximum of this duration to charge it fully!

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Ozotec Bheem EV Speed

Today’s young generation wants everything to be perfect and according to their specific requirements. They want stylish clothes, electronic devices and a vehicle. Thus, Ozotec Bheem EV is launched recently to meet the ever-increasing demands of the customers. It is convenient to ride at work, on long trips, or anywhere you wanna go.

Moving onto discussing its speed, Ozotec Bheem EV Speed is 65kmph which is appropriate to meet your daily needs. You can easily control the driving limit.


Comfort, reliability, durability and safety are some of the factors according to which a customer buys a vehicle. It is a symbol of being self-dependent. Like, you can take your vehicle anywhere and at any time you want.

Business professionals, farmers, and youth; Ozotec Bheem EV fits all needs! What are you waiting for? Book the bike and get it today! The product comes with a 7-year warranty for the consumers. You must take a warrantee card when you will go to purchase the vehicle along with the bill.

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