Pranati Nayak Biography, Family, Age, height – All we know about her

Check out the details about Pranati Nayak Biography, Family, Age, and height – All we know about her from this article. Various details regarding Pranati Nayak Biography, Family, Age, and height – All we know about her and other substantial details are available in this article.

Pranati Nayak Biography

Pranati Nayak is an Indian artistic gymnast. In 2019, Pranati became the 3rd Indian gymnast to win an international medal on the vault, as she won a bronze medal in the 2019 Asian Artistic Gymnastic Championships. In addition, Pranati also qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and represented India.

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Before winning a Bronze medal in 2019, Pranati participated in a number of significant events, including the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Pranati is currently representing India in the Hangzhou Asian Games. According to the rules, only the top 8 gymnasts can qualify for the Apparatus Final. Pranati qualified for the finals by scoring 12.716 points and securing 6th position.

Pranati Nayak Biography Overview

Name Pranati Nayak
Country India
Discipline Artistic Gymnastics
Medals Bronze in the 2019 and 2022 Asian Artistic Gymnastic Championships
Birth Date April 6, 1995
Age 28 years
Birth Place West Bengal
Gender Female
Height 1.56/5’1”
Idol Dipa Karmakar
Coach Rohit Jaiswal
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Pranati Nayak Age

Pranati is 28 years old. She was born on April 6, 1995, in West Bengal. According to the information, Pranati knows three languages – English, Bengali, and Hindi. On 27 September, Pranati will compete in the finals of the Artistic Gymnastics event.

Pranati Nayak Biography

Pranati’s hobbies include dancing and listening to the music. Pranati made her international debut in 2012. Despite having hamstring and knee injuries, Pranati competed in the 2022 National Games. In addition, Pranati also received an ankle injury during the same competition.

However, Pranati recovered just in time for the 2022 World Championships. Also, a week before the commencement of the Tokyo Olympics, Pranati injured her knee. This negatively affected Pranati’s performance in the games.

Pranati Nayak Family

Pranati’s father is Sumanta Nayak, who previously worked as a transport bus driver. In 2017, Sumanta started doing an office job. Pranati’s mother is a housewife. In an interview, Pranati said that she wants to make her parents’ life easier and more comfortable. Pranati’s father has driven the bus for a long time, and she wishes to make it easy for him.

Pranati is at the Senior International Elite level. Pranati has achieved many significant accomplishments, making her a leading gymnast from India. More information about Pranati’s family background and other relevant details will be updated shortly.

Pranati Nayak – All we know about her

Pranati started artistic gymnastics at the age of 7 in her hometown. Pranati took this sport because she thought it was the same as Yoga, which she liked. After this, her father moved her to Kolkata on her school coach’s recommendation. This is where she met her coach, Minara Begum, who became an influential figure for her.

According to the information, Pranati trained with Minara until 2019, as the coach took a retirement in 2019. When Pranati moved to Kolkata, her parents couldn’t afford her living expenses as they were poor. Minara took care of Pranati’s stay, food, pocket money, and various other necessary expenses. After this, in 2022, Pranati started training with coach Rohit Jaiswal.

In 2017, Pranati competed in the Asian Championships, where she finished in the 14th position. In the same year, Pranati competed in the World Championships and finished with 68th rank in the qualification round. In the following year, Pranati represented her country in a team event at the Commonwealth Games.

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In 2019, Pranati won a gold medal in the Indian Championships. After this, Pranati participated in the Asian Championships, where she secured a bronze medal by attaining an average score of 13.384 points. After this, Pranati participated in the Tokyo Olympics, where she finished in the 79th position. Sadly, Pranati couldn’t qualify for the finals.

Pranati Nayak Height

Pranati Nayak is about 1.56 meters tall (5’1″). Pranati thinks of Dipa Karmakar as her idol. Over the years, Pranati has competed and shown exceptional performances in many events of her discipline, including Women’s Vault, Women’s Beam, Women’s Individual All-Around, Women’s Floor Exercise, and Women’s Uneven Bars.

Pranati is quite active on social media. In addition, Pranati has about 46.2K followers on Instagram. Pranati wishes to compete in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. Now, everyone is looking forward to checking the performance of Pranati in the ongoing Asian Games.

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