Pushpa 2 Leaked – Facts & Rumours about Srivalli’s Death

Pushpa 2 Leaked – Facts & Rumours about Srivalli’s Death is a rumour or fact and many other details are discussed here. Pushpa: The Rule – Part 2, a sequel of Pushpa: The Rise – Part 01, directed by Sukumar and lead by Tollywood’s iconic star Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna as the female lead.

Pushpa 2 Leaked?

A fan-made poster of Rashmika Mandanna’s character, Srivalli, is shown as dead, and a funeral procession is happening, and she is lying on the floor. This leaked picture of Srivalli’s death is treading on all social media platforms, and fans are impatiently waiting to know all the information about the movie.

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If you are a fan who wants to know the complete story behind Srivalli’s death, read the entire article. This article contains all the latest updates about the Pushpa 2 leaked footage of Srivalli’s death and the facts and rumours supporting the same. 

Pushpa 2 Leaked or Not?

Pushpa: The Rise – Part 01, released in 2021, is a blockbuster Indian Telugu-language action movie directed and written by Sukumar. The movie was commercially successful and ranked among the highest-grossing Telugu films ever. It earned over Rs.350-373 crore (44-47 million USD) at the box office. The movie ended with a fascinating plot, and now all the fans eagerly await Pushpa: The Rule – Part 2. The sequel is scheduled to release in 2024 as it is under production. 

Pushpa 2 Leaked

The first look of the poster and a teaser as ‘Where is Pushpa?‘ was released in public on 07 April 2023 on the 41st birthday of the leading star Allu Arjun. The poster and the movie’s first teaser would be a feast for the fans. However, the poster release and the glimpse video clip made all the fans impatient to watch the next part. Now, everyone is waiting for the production and director to give updates regarding the movie. 

Pushpa 2 Movie Leak Rumors

 Allu Arjun’s first look has been released, but the first look of Rashmika Mandanna’s character, Srivalli, has not been released yet. A fan-made poster of Srivalli’s death with the footage time and titled ‘PUSHPA 2’ is getting viral, and everyone thinks it’s the leaked footage of Srivalli’s death from the movie Pushpa – Part 2.

But, the impatient fans have been taking the poster as accurate and though it’s a picture from the raw footage. But the fact is that the footage is not from the movie Pushpa-2; instead, it is taken from a Marathi movie ‘Nay varan bhat loncha kon nay koncha’, which is available on YouTube, and the woman in the scene is not Rashmika Mandanna as Srivalli it’s Isha Divekar who resembled as Srivalli in the poster to the fans. As it is now clear that the leaked footage is not from the movie ‘Pushpa2’ fans are in relief as they don’t want spoilers like that about the movie. 

Pushpa 2 Release Date

Pushpa: The Rise – Part 2 is expected to be released in early 2024. But the production house or the director has not yet confirmed the official announcement regarding the date. However, there have been rumours about the movie calming that Srivalli would die following a confrontation between Pushpa Raj (Allu Arjun) and Bhanwar Singh Shekawat (Fahadh Fassil). The viral fan-made poster just confirmed that. 

Many started commenting about the heroine’s character role and said the story would be the same as the storyline of KGF 2. Due to the rumours of a similar storyline as KGF2, the director Sukumar decided to rewrite and reshoot the whole second part even though in May 2021, the makers of ‘Pushpa’ declared that the film would be released in two parts. And the second part is expected to be released in 2022 as at least 15% of the shooting had already been completed. However, Sukumar confirmed that the story would not be similar, and the audience would get an exclusive experience and thrill from the movie. 

Fascinatingly, the unproven leaked photo of Fahadh Faasil came to the public shortly after the makers proclaimed Fahadh Faasil as ‘Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat’ and wrapped the shooting of a decisive portion of the movie. The makers last Thursday posted a behind the scene picture of the actor Fahadh Faasil as ‘Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat’ on the set, and they shared the scheduled wrap. Fans took the comment section and conveyed their enthusiasm level over the new update regarding the movie.

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 Fahadh Faasil is playing the pivotal role opposite Allu Arjun, and it is predicted that many famous actors will be seen in prominent roles in the movie. The movie has raised the expectations of everyone exceedingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. When Pushpa: The Rule – Part 2 will release?

Ans. Pushpa: The Rule – Part 2 is predicted to be released by early 2024, but the official date for the film release is not yet announced. 

Q2. Who is the director and writer of Pushpa – Part 2?

Ans. Sukumar is the director and writer of Pushpa – Part 2.

Q3. What is the budget for the movie Pushpa – Part 2?

Ans. The movie Pushpa – Part 2 has a budget of Rs.450 crores. 

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