R Praggnanandhaa Biography, Age, Rating, Mother, Father, Family, Education

Check out the details about R Praggnanandhaa Biography, Age, Rating, Mother, Father, Family, and Education from this article. Various details regarding R Praggnanandhaa Biography, Age, Rating, Mother, Father, Family, Education, and other notable details are comprised in this article.

R Praggnanandhaa Biography

R Praggnanandhaa is an Indian Chess Grandmaster. R Praggnanandhaa has a FIDE Rating of 2707 and is currently ranked 29th globally. Being a child Prodigy, Praggnanandhaa gained the title of International Master at the age of 10. At the age of 12, Praggnanandhaa became a Grand Master.

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On February 22, 2022, Praggnanandhaa became the youngest player to defeat Magnus Carlsen. Praggnanandhaa defeated Magnus at Airthings Masters Tournament. Praggnanandhaa has defeated many higher-rating players from time to time.

R Praggnanandhaa Biography Overview

Name Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa
Country India
Birth Place Chennai
Age 18 (August 10, 2005)
Game Chess
Titles FIDE Master (2013), International Master (2016), Grandmaster (2018)
FIDE Rating 2707
World Rank 29
Father Rameshbabu
Mother Nagalakshmi
Sister R Vaishali
For more information ratings.fide.com/profile/25059530

R Praggnanandhaa Age

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa was born in Chennai on August 10, 2005. Praggnanandhaa is currently 18 years old. At a very early age, Praggnanandhaa developed an interest in Chess after watching his sister play it.

R Praggnanandhaa Biography

Praggnanandhaa earned the title of FIDE Master (FM) in 2013 when he won World Youth Chess Championship Under 8. In 2015, Praggnanandhaa won the Under 10 title. The next year, he gained the title of the youngest international master. Praggnanandhaa has become the 5th youngest person to earn the prestigious title of Grandmaster.

R Praggnanandhaa Mother

Praggnanandhaa’s mother’s name is Nagalakshmi. She is a homemaker. Praggnanandhaa loves cricket, table tennis, and comedy movies. During his early tournaments, Praggnanandhaa was often accompanied by his mother.

Many believe that Praggnanandhaa’s victory over Magnus (in 2022) will surely become a turning point in his career as he will have more confidence in his potential. Praggnanandhaa’s significant achievements have not only been acknowledged nationally, but also internationally. Praggnanandhaa’s tournaments and his performance are often covered by many newspapers and articles.

R Praggnanandhaa Father

Praggnanandhaa’s father is Rameshbabu, who works as a breach manager at TNSC Bank. Rameshbabu was affected by polio from a very young age. Praggnanandhaa’s father and mother supported him and his sister and encouraged them to pursue a career in chess. Although, Praggnanandhaa’s father didn’t want him to pursue a career in chess, as they had financial issues.

His father could hardly manage to pay for his sister’s chess classes. According to his father, Praggnanandhaa started developing an interest in Chess at the age of 3 and a half years. He used to watch his sister play the game.

R Praggnanandhaa Family

The family of Grandmaster Praggnanandhaa includes his mother, father, and sister. His sister, Vaishali, is also a well-known chess player, who holds IM and Woman Grandmaster titles. According to Praggnanandhaa’s family, he was introduced to chess by watching Vaishali. When Praggnanandhaa’s sister was young, she used to watch television for hours.

Her parents were worried that it would negatively affect her education. Therefore, they thought that introducing her to a hobby will keep her from watching television too much. Vaishali liked Chess and began playing it. Watching his sister enjoying and playing chess, Praggnanandhaa also took a keen interest in chess. Since then, both siblings have been playing chess and performing significantly well.

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Throughout his chess career, Praggnanandhaa participated in and won many tournaments. In the beginning, Praggnanandhaa participated in local championships. After gaining a bit of experience and performing well, Praggnanandhaa started participating in international tournaments and gained a name from them.

Shortly after defeating Magnus, Praggnanandhaa again defeated him in Chessable Masters Online Tournament. In 2023, Praggnanandhaa became the youngest Indian player to reach the Chess World Cup finals. In addition, he became the second Indian Player after Viswanathan Anand to reach the finals of the Chess World Cup.

R Praggnanandhaa Education

In 2022, R Praggnanandhaa was studying at Velammal Main Campus. Praggnanandhaa recently turned 18. According to Praggnanandhaa’s father, he is good at studies, but his main focus remains on Chess. More information about Praggnanandhaa’s educational and other qualifications will be updated shortly.

R B Ramesh is the coach of Praggnanandhaa. Praggnanandhaa also participates in the weekly chess camps organized by Ramesh. In order to enhance his chess skills, Praggnanandhaa watches chess tournaments online. Praggnanandhaa watches the matches of prominent chess players in the world and learns from these matches.

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