Rajendra Shukla Bio, Family, History, Net worth, Biography

Rajendra Shukla Bio read about MP New Deputy CM राजेंद्र शुक्ला. Madhya Pradesh Vice CM Net Worth, History, Biography, Caste in details. In Madhya Pradesh, Bhartiya Janata Party has won the election of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly on majority seats. Due to this, many people want to learn about Rajendra Shukla Biography. So we have also come this information from Rewa Constituency of MP as he is Minister in the MP State government now. Read all the below-given details below to know more about him.

Rajendra Shukla Bio

Now we are going to update on his personal life details. Rajendra Shukla was born on 3rd August 1964. And he has an indian politician who has come from the Bhartiya Janta Party from Rewa Location.

As we know, the name of Rajendra Shukla’s father is Bhaiyalal Shukla who is a contractor and social worker. Rajendra Shukla Biography online. Because many people want to know all the details related to their newly elected Deputy Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. After that, the result of the Madhya Pradesh legislative assembly election, a party meeting was held in the Bhartiya Janta Party office in Madhya Pradesh.

MP Deputy CM Name

According to the details, Rajendra Shukla studied at Government School. After that, he also earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Government Engineering College, Rewa. Rajendra Shukla’s Age and family details are also available. Then, with his leadership skills, he also shone at a young age. In addition, he also became president of the Government Engineering College Student Union in the year 1986.

As per the Political career of Rajendra Shukla’s Biography, he is president of the Government Engineering College Student Union. After that, he made his way into politics in 1998 by contesting in the assembly election. However, at that time, he lost to the Indian National Congress candidate known as Pushparaj Singh with a close margin of 1394 votes.  Check Rajendra Shukla City Deputy CM of MP who is the new popular face of Madhya Pradesh.

New Deputy CM in MP

In 2003, he got elected for the first time in the assembly, and then defeating incumbent Pushparaj Singh at that time. Rajendra Shukla Biography, Age Family. In 2008 he again won his assembly election and then in 2013 for MP Assembly Election. Because of this, he has completed his tenure as an MLA. Moreover, he also served in various ministries. Check the information through online mode. Because you can get every detail easily.

Title of Article Rajendra Shukla Biography, Age family, City Deputy CM of MP
Name of Person Rajendra Shukla
Born on 3rd August 1964
Category of Article Biography, Age, Family
Year 2023
State Madhya Pradesh
Current Position Deputy CM of MP
Political Party Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)

Rajendra Shukla MP

According to the details he has served in ministries like Biodiversity/ biotechnology, forestry, Law and Legislative Affairs, and Mineral resources. Rajendra Shukla’s Biography has shown his achievement. Then, he took charge as a cabinet minister under the government of Shivraj Singh Chauhan. Now he also become the City Deputy CM of MP which has made buzz on the internet too. In his college life, he became president of the student union in 1986.

Rajendra Shukla Bio
Rajendra Shukla Bio

In 2023 Rajendra Shukla took charge of City Deputy CM of MP. Before this in 2018, he won against Indian National Congress candidate Abhay Mishra with a margin of 18 thousand 89 votes. After that, he took the oath of cabinet minister before the assembly election took place in 2023. Rajendra Shukla City Deputy CM of MP has one of the most impacting personalities. At that time the state government made Shivraj Singh Chauhan in Madhya Pradesh state.

Rajendra Shukla Deputy CM

Legislative Assembly Election for MP state has also been completed successfully. After that, the team meeting of the Bhartiya Janta Party has taken place by a higher authoritative person of this political party. In this, the main decision for the Chief Minister, and Deputy Chief Minister has taken place. So we have to check Rajendra Shukla City Deputy CM of Madhya Pradesh now. Let’s see how he is going to work for the progress of the Madhya Pradesh state people.

Because after the election it is the responsibility who has going to decide the work for the given post. Rajendra Shukla’s Biography has been searched by many people from Madhya Pradesh state. And now all of them want to know whether he has done good work as MLA or not. Through this commonality, the public can able to make their decision on whether they will do good work in the state or not. Now we also going to share some personal life details.

Rajendra Shulka History

As we know Rajendra Shukla’s Biography is available online. so people don’t need to go anywhere to collect information about him. Because many portals claim to provide information about him. But we have also come up with the details which we have taken from various sources. After that, you can learn more about him.

In family of Rajendra Shukla he has Spouse Sunita Shukla. With her he has 1 son and 2 daughters. Moreover, his father Bhaiyyalal Shukla is also in the family. If we talk about his residency then he is from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. He is a Politician by Profession. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party and this political party has won in Madhya Pradesh state. Rajendra Shukla’s Biography has been given. He is a well-educated person who has now made headlines with his new position in the state government of MP.

Rajendra Shukla Family

Rajendra Shukla Biography: Family Details :

Spouse Name: Sunita Shukla

Birthdate: 3rd August

Age: 59 Years

Children: 1 Son, 2 Daughters

Residence: Rewa, MP

Previously MP Legislative Assembly election was taken in 2018. And now after five years, it has taken this year. Now to know more about Rajendra Shukla’s Biography and family you can check the above given information. In addition, we also going to provide you with other important personality details related to this year’s elections.

Now the various ministry positions have been decided in the party meeting of the BJP. Rajendra Shukla has chosen as the City Deputy CM of MP. So we have to see whether the public of Madhya Pradesh going to like his work or not. Because now for the next five years, BJP is going to work as a state government in MP.

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