Sanchar Saathi Portal Registration 2023 App Download, Official Website

Sanchar Saathi Portal Registration 2023 App Download, Official Website, Process, and Eligibility can be checked from this page. This must have happened to all of us, our phones got stolen, or we forgot our phone, and when rechecked, it is gone.

Sanchar Saathi Portal Registration 2023

Looking at the increasing cases and harm they caused to phone owners through cybercrime; the government has taken the initiative. This website is a citizen-centric portal called Sanchar Saathi.

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Till now the Indian government has traced 2,46,875 mobiles so far. The Department of Telecommunication envisions empowering mobile subscribers, toughening their security and increasing awareness among the local people. Let us know the various factors and advantages we will get by doing the registration.

Sanchar Saathi Portal Features

The app has been launched by the government and it enables the following features. It has helped people to track their mobile phones. Get the connection disconnected, not required by them anymore. Get to know the mobile connection that I have been issued in their names. Trace the lost mobile number or block the lost mobile phones. They can also check the genuineness of the device while buying a new one.

Sanchar Saathi Portal

Sanchar Saathi Portal Modules

The Sanchar Saathi portal contains multiple modules, which look at them one by one.

  1. CEIR- Central Equipment Identity Register

This module was created that will help check your lost/stolen mobile. There are multiple citizens who have lost their phones and have not been able to block the number. Their information has been leaked through that phone.

This will be very helpful for them. In case, if anybody tries to use the block mobile number, the app will be able to trace it and know the location. Once the mobile phone is found, it may be block through the portal before any misuse by the any person.

  1. TAFCOP- Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection

Next, we have TAFCOP, this module of the portal is majorly for providing mobile subscriber to check the number of mobile connections that has been taken or bought in her or his name. It will be a very helpful option for the users to report the mobile connections, which are not required by them, or were used earlier by them, and no more required now.

  1. Keep yourself aware

And lastly, we have Keep Yourself Aware of facility. This is known to provide the latest updates and awareness material of different aspects regarding the end user security information security and Telecom.

Sanchar Saathi Portal App Download

The App was launched by the honourable Minister of State for Communication, Devusinh Chauhan. To download the app, you can take the following steps we have mentioned.

To download the app, you can take the following steps, as per your requirement. Let’s begin with, if you are a victim of losing your mobile phone or your mobile has been stolen by somebody. Then you should download the KYM app. That is, Know Your Mobile app. To do that, follow these steps.

There are three ways through which you can access this facility.

  • One through SMS.

You have to type KYM then enter the IMEI 15-digit code from your mobile and send the message to 14422.

  • KYM Application

If you want to do it through app. Go to KYM app. That you can download it from Play Store for Android and from App Store for iOS. Then enter the required details to exact the information.

  • Web Portal

The last way is through web portal. To use the web portal, you have to go to Sanchar Sati, the official site, and then go to know your mobile. Facility and click on the web portal. Web portal option.

How you can block Stolen/ Lost mobile phones on Sanchar Saathi Portal?

If you want to know about How you can block a stolen or lost mobile phone. Take the following steps. 

  • To begin with, submit a form that is available on the Sanchar Saathi Web portal.
  • You have to file a report with police and keep a copy of the report after.
  • Buy a duplicate SIM card for the lost number from your telephone facility provider. This will help you as a primary mobile number and the OTP will be sent on this number while submitting the request for blocking your IMEI.
  • After that, get your documents ready. That will include the police report copy and identity proof. If you have there, you have to provide your mobile purchase invoice.
  • Fill the request registration form that will block the IMEI of stolen or lost phone and attach the needed documents. To get the form, you have to visit the Sanchar Saathi site. After submitting the form, will be provided with a Request ID. It can be used for checking the status of your request and later and blocking the IEMI in future.

Through your state police.

Sanchar Saathi Portal Official Website

The official portal website is It consists of all the facilities we have mentioned above. If you want further information regarding this service that has been initiated by the government of India, you can go to the website and learn more.

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This website will help you with the steps regarding how to register a complaint, how to check complaint status, how to unblock blocked phones, how one can report the wild connection, which are not needed by the user anymore.

How to Register a Complaint Sanchar Saathi Portal?

To register a complaint regarding your phone the steps are here. You can follow the given procedure. 

To fill the application form, you have to visit There you will find the Complaint Registration form. After submitting the form, a unique complaint ID will be generated. The details that you have put in the forms will be mailed to you at the given email address as well. Save the complaint ID and registered mobile number to use it further.

Hope the above-given information, help you find your lost mobile, and you will be able to trace it to block it as per the situation.

Official Website

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