SRD Status Check – SASSA R350 Appeal, Balance, Bank Details Status

SRD Status Check – SASSA R350 Appeal, Balance, Bank Details Status checking links can be checked from this page now. We are here to provide valuable information about the SRD Status Check – SASSA R350 Appeal, Balance, Bank Details Status and all the co-related details about the scheme started by the South African Social Security Agency. So do not shift to another page and continue reading, as all the crucial details about the topic are included in this article.

SRD Status Check

People who cannot fulfil their primary basic living needs and are experiencing extreme financial crises may apply for the Social Relief of Distress started by the South African government. SRD benefits will be given to those coming under the eligibility conditions. To get the benefits, they need to apply at the certified site of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

SASSA Status Check For R350

350 Status Check @Srd.Sassa.Gov.Za

NSFAS Status Check 2023

SASSA Status Check August 2023

Those who are already applied can check their SRD Status by docking on the authentic website of SASSA. In addition, the process to check your SRD Status Check is kept simple and easy to understand for the beneficiaries. Recipients can check their status by using their ID and registered contact numbers.

SRD Status Check

SRD Status for R350 Check

Applicants can collect the grant at their nearest post office or through a bank. The older people’s payment dates, children’s, and disability grants are available on the authorized website. Hence applicants can check the dates as per their grant. Sometimes there are delays in receiving the grants due to the processing time. Therefore the distribution process may take longer than expected.

Eligible South African citizens can check the detailed descriptive information regarding the SRD process, benefits, banking details, payment date, appeal etc, on the authorized portal of SASSA.

SASSA SRD Status Check

Scheme Name

Social Relief of Distress

Overseen by

South African Social Security Agency


Providing financial relief

Grant Dates (Aged people)


Disability Grants


Children’s Grants


Official Website

Steps to Check SRD 350 Status

SASSA ambitions to deliver financial backing to the applicants whose applications are efficaciously submitted. But still, many of the applicants are facing issues and are not receiving their grants. So they must be patient, as their grant will be sent to them shortly. By implementing these simple steps, they should check their SRD 350 status from the official web portal.

Step 1: Very first, you need to visit the SASSA-certified portal.

Step 2: Now, enter your ID number and phone number appropriately.

Step 3: Select the month you want to check your status from the Dashboard.

Step 4: Post selecting the month, your status will be exhibited on your screen whether it is Approved, Denied or Pending.

Step 5: Applicants can also check their grant status via the mobile app. You should use the same identifications to log in with the mobile application.

SASSA SRD R350 Appeal

Those applicants whose application for the grant is rejected by the agency can appeal within 90 days of the rejection of their application. There are numerous reasons why your SASSA SRD R350 Grant may have degenerated. Here we are listing some of the reasons:

  • On finding some other substitute income source.
  • Suppose the information submitted in the application form regarding your identity does not match the Department of Home Affairs’ identity details. Hence you must be cognizant while filling out the application form and double-check the info provided by you.
  • The grant will only be received by those applicants who are not getting any other type of grant. If you are an NSFAS beneficiary or have a UIF account, your application will be rejected straightaway.
  • Suppose you are not coming under the age criteria of the eligibility conditions for the grant. Which means your age should be between 18 to 60 years.
  • Your application will also be dismissed if SASSA determines that you received the grant for a month or longer for which you have not competent.
  • You cannot apply if you are employed in any government organization.
  • Your application will also be rejected if SASSA finds you have a deceased record at Home Affairs.

So if your application is declined, you need to figure out why the rejection is. To do so, you need to visit the authentic portal of SASSA, or you can also WhatsApp by sending a text message to 082 046 8553.

Suppose you disagree with the reason for the rejection; you can file for appeal within 90 days for reconsideration. To file an appeal, you must act in accordance with the given steps below.

Step 1: On the official SASSA website, visit SASSA appeals and scroll down.

Step 2: Click on the option present on the green bar, “Click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status”.

Step 3: Enter your login credentials and click “send pin”.

Step 4: A pin will be received via SMS. Enter the pin and click on Submit.


Beneficiaries can view their SRD balance amount by visiting the certified site of SASSA. The initiative provides financial aid to many needy people in South Africa. Although the processing of the grant may take some time, sooner or later benefitted amount will be sent to the applicants either in their bank accounts or via post office near them.

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SASSA SRD Bank Details

Beneficiaries who have successfully applied for SASSA SRD must share their banking details to receive grants. Applicants can provide their banking details by implementing these simple steps.

  • Open SASSA authorized web portal.
  • Tap the relevant link to share the banking details.
  • Submit your ID number.
  • You will be received a link on your registered mobile number. You can submit your baking details here by tapping on the link.

This is an exceptional scheme started by the South African government. So if you want to take benefits, you must apply by clicking on the authorized website link of SASSA flashing below.

Home page: Click Here

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  1. I’ve been declined since 2022 April till May this year i did an appeal but still decline and I’m unemployed no income so please help get those months that I made an appeal approved them i get one for June and July 2023 why should i be declined while I’m not working

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  5. I applied last year only received money for January 2023.All these other months says decline and I’m not working so I don’t understand how it works.

  6. I was assisted by someone to apply sdr grant using his phone number, I have more than 11 months without getting my money cause I don’t know those phone number of the person who helped me to register, can you assist me with the easy way to access my money or be able to change my details or enter my banking details without that guy phone number

  7. I don’t receive my srd from last year September 2022 till today because it keeps on declining me and I don’t receive source of income please assist me because I have appealed and still still no approval

  8. Hi
    Since I stated to apply for this R350 grant by 2021 , it’s started to approved my applications by mid of 2022, but I haven’t been received even cent, what is happening at sassa, and now my July status declined reason income source identity.

  9. Hi I don’t know why they stop my R350 because I’m not working and I don’t have UIF OR NSFAS .I only receive social grant for one child.

  10. Hi I have changed my phone number for Srd R350 and it’s now almost 3 month Why is it taking so long just to changed number ???

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  12. I have a feeling that munipulation is within sassa because they claim that we have an aultanetive source of income yet when you appeal Al they have to do is to check your bank statement, but no it’s been 9months since I appealed but still no answer, meaning they are stealing our cent

  13. Hi please help me I didn’t get my 350since June until now it’s says mean source of income and I’m not working at all nothing on my back account,I tried several times to appeal all the months are pending , please help I really need this money

  14. Hi my name is Nondumiso Manqele.

    I have been declined since last year and that moment I’m not working and it keeps saying source of income 🥺 please help

  15. Sir/Madam
    With all due respect I know why I didn’t get my 350 in July 2023,it was just 2000 rand that I was invested long time ago but not regular income. Am sorry for my disruption.

  16. Hi my name is Zodwa Olgah Nyathi i didn’t receive my srd just because of decline last year may, August, September, October, November and December i didn’t get payment am not working since 2020 January until now 2023

  17. I want to know why all my appeals from last declined and also from this yr june till now and apr one month you get and then suddenly its declined evrytime

  18. I applied for sassa R350 January it declined,I last have a job November 2021,it says source of income and I don’t have an income


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