Most Spoken Language in The World 2023- Top 10 List and Origin

Most Spoken Language in The World Today, we will be going to discuss the different languages that are top spoken languages. So are you interested and excited to know the facts? If yes, then kindly read the complete article. In this article, you will see Most Spoken Language in The World – Top Spoken Languages and How Spoken Languages Originated and Surprising Facts of Top Spoken Languages.

Most Spoken Language in The World

The World is divided into many parts, countries, states and everything, and there is so much beauty around the world, cultures, languages, art and famous places. But if we mainly talk about languages, there are uncountable languages.

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So today, we are going to focus on the Most Spoken Language in The World. The beauty and the interesting facts about those languages. Do you believe if we say that Bengali is also the most spoken language and the country name Bangladesh also comes from the word Bangla (used as another name for Bengali Language).

Most Spoken Language in The World

Top Spoken Languages

English – 1.452 Billion Speakers

  • English is the very common language in the world, and approx 1.452 billion people speak English. It’s the official language of 67 countries and is also an official language of many large international organizations.
  • And you know what? The internet we use for endless things is also 55% in English only, and it is also the most studied language.

Mandarin Chinese 1.118 Billion Speakers

  • Yes, Mandarin Chinese also come in the most spoken language. Mandarin Chinese is the official language of Singapore and Taiwan. In China, it has been spoken for more than 3000 years.
  • There are other languages also in China, but Mandarin is the most spoken language. If we search more about Mandarine, it is the most spoken language in Asia.

Hindi 602.2 Million Speakers

  • In India, English and Hindi are both official languages. As Hindi is the official language, and most people speak Hindi, but not everyone speaks it because India is the only country which has 22 different languages.
  • Let us tell you one interesting thing you can also hear people speak Hindi in Fiji, where it is the official language and also in some Caribbean countries.

Spanish 548.3 Million Speakers

  • Spanish is the official language of 20 countries. In the US, you will see Spanish is the second most spoken language. Around 40 million people in the US speak Spanish, and in Spain, the other word used for the Spanish language is Castilian.
  • Over the past few years, Spanish has become the more influential language in Pop Culture.

French 274.1 Million Speakers

  • French is the official language of 29 countries and territories. And in UA and UE, it is the official language.
  • Interestingly French vocabulary has a powerful impact on other languages, also like English. In English, around 40% of words have French Origin.

Standard Arabic 274 Million Speakers

  • So now we come to Arabic, which is the official language of 26 countries, but many countries and regions have their own accent of Arabic. In Arabic people, Standard Arabic is the most spoken accent, and they understand each other’s conversation.
  • Standard Arabic has very few native Standard Arabic Speakers, but then also it comes in the most spoken language in the World.

Urdu 231.3 Million Speakers

  • Urdu also has many speakers. It is an Indo-Iranian language and the official language of Pakistan. Urdu is also the second standard language of India. Many people in India talk in the accent of Urdu.

Russian – 258.2 Million Speakers

  • Russian is the official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Today also people use to speak Russian as the local language there.
  • Language experts consider Russian to be the richest and the most complex language in the world. And the interesting part is all the words in the Russian language that starts with A come from other languages.

Indonesian – 199 Million Speakers

  • Indonesia is the fourth most populated nation in the world, which is why Indonesia is the most spoken language. The good thing about this language is that if you know how to speak Indonesian, then you can communicate with the people of Malaysia and Brunei because it is very similar to the Malay language.
  • The Indonesian language is not that hard language. It is the easiest Asian language if you try to learn it.

How Spoken Languages originated?

It is very difficult to answer from when and where spoken languages started for communication. But if we take the example of Hindi, which originated from Sanskrit. And Sanskrit is used as the ancient language. So all the different languages originated from their ancestors.

So this is the fact that every country has its own local language, and it comes from the culture and the ancestors they have observed and listened to. There are numerous languages in the world, and every language has its story behind it.

Surprising Facts of Top Spoken Languages

When we have described the Top spoken Languages, we have also told you some interesting facts about those languages. So here we will discuss all the surprising facts about spoken languages. So here is the very, very rare spoken language Busuu. The surprising fact about this language is it is only spoken by 8 people, and in 2005 only three people spoke Busuu.

Chinese language, as we have seen in the above section, is the hardest language to learn. And now, we have come back to the most spoken language, which is English. English is the language which has the most words, and every year there are more words added to English. So there is one more fun fact about English it has 160 different accents.

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So after reading this article, if you are thinking of learning one more language, then it is not a bad idea. Learning new things will make you more active, and learning some other languages can boost your mind. Learning a new language makes you feel more confident, and it also adds new skills to your life. When you visit that country, you can communicate and adjust yourself with the people.

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55 thoughts on “Most Spoken Language in The World 2023- Top 10 List and Origin”

    • Tamil, although spoken widely but not comparable with other languages its official language in singapore, Srilanka, mauratious and recently recognised in Australia and Canada.

        • Tamil is as old the Indian Subcontinent In 1907 the British government of India released a Rupee 10 note,the Tamil language was printed on it with three other languages but no Hindi.In India there are 270 mother tongues.One dumb idiot wrote Hindi as the oldest language in the world

        • How Tamil is one of the official language in India. The same way it’s one of the official language in Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius and Maldives and Fiji. There are Tamil Hindu temples are there in those countries. There is only country in the world has temple for Raavan that’s in Thailand not in Srilanka.

      • I am from India but I don’t know what is Tamil language, but rather I know Odia, Bengali, Hindi. I think that is what you claim saying that your language is oldest Language but it is not. Like you guys, frog in the well, study the other regions language and get to know before you claim your language is old. You funny guy.

    • No Richard. Not good information. In your research you obviously missed Portuguese, spoken in Portugal, Brasil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinee, St. Tomé e Principe, East Timor.



    • Hi. just wondering with Bangladesh and west Bengal both speaking Bengali, I expect more than 250 Bengali speakers to make it a major language!

    • Ancient Tamil was the oldest language from which other ancient languages like Sanskrit, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin etc evolved.

      According to root words analysis of senior Tamil Scholar Ma So Victor more than 75% English language words including the words “English”, angle, God, Navy, sponge etc came from Tamil.

      The present day Tamil writing was the modified version adapted by the Italian missionary Veerama Munivar while translating the Tamil version of the Bible.

      • Don’t you feel that you are trying to impose Tamil ( One of the languages spoken in Bhartiya state of Tamilnadu on every other language of the world ??
        I respect Tamil as a very old language but it’s no way the mother of all the languages.

      • Wrong wrong. Sanskrit did not evolve from tamil at all. Sanskrit is a god given language. DEVA bhashya. Coming from the deep spiritual vibrations and from that shabda. Your respect for tamil should not be used to disrespect the origins of languages.

      • Absolutely wrong..
        The first hindu testament was the Rig veda which has sub parts of singing and poems of nature and transformations..then it is devided into varoius parts like Sanskrit having puranas and tamil hving it’s own particular great culture..

        Therefore Hindi Tamil are subsets of rig veda……I hope you are clear..

        Don’t go to the facts by periyar they just lie .it’s British who devided great Tamil cultre from that there should be rift btw the two daughters of rigveda..

      • This is too much. These Tamil sambar payya simply ignore sanskrit. Sanskrit is the daiva bhasha and all vedas are recited and written in Sanskrit. Not the tamil language. Don’t try to misrepresent the facts.

  1. What about Bangla (Bengali) spoken people? They are 300 million plus in Bangladesh and Indian state West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Bihar and Udissa.

  2. Punjabi is the most spoken language in Pakistan, not Urdu. Urdu is not the official language of Pakistan but the national language, English is the official language of Pakistan. 23 languages are spoken and 5 are written language in Pakistan. 55% are Punjabi people in Pakistan, and 45% include all.

  3. According to Wikipedia there are 300 million native speakers of Bangla, and additional 40 million people who speak Bangla as a second language. Please make necessary corrections.

  4. Urdu and hindi are same,but script is different?,,,

    Now come to he point,The above statistics is totally wrong ?? Who had done this survey ??? Its all fake and spreading for no reason …I can make out that very well..

  5. All these guys do hotch potch research and present in a haste evoking animated controversies. What the hell does it matter at this time when any language could be translated and read in Google translate, which ofcourse needs more perfection.

  6. I think there is something wrong in the Statistics given. As fer as I know, about 250 million people speak Bengali Language and that is their mother tongue.


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