Toyota Century SUV Price, Features, Photos, Top Speed, Mileage, Price in India

Check out the details about the Toyota Century SUV Price, Features, Photos, Top Speed, Mileage, and Price in India from this article. Various details about Toyota Century SUV Price, Features, Photos, Top Speed, Mileage, Price in India, and other significant details are included in this article.

Toyota Century SUV Price

On September 6, Toyota unveiled its new Century SUV in Japan. The Toyota Century SUV meets all the demands of the new age and was developed under the concept – “The Chauffeur”. The newly designed shape of the Toyota Century provides elegance, functionality and comfort.

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The bold design of the Toyota Century SUV contains Japanese aesthetic elements. Moreover, Toyota Century uses a newly developed plug-in hybrid system that delivers quietness, exhilarating ride and environmental performance. Toyota Century SUV was recently launched in Japan at a price of 25,000,000 JPY.

Toyota Century SUV Overview

Name Toyota Century SUV
Manufacturer Toyota
Price 25,000,000 JPY
Type SUV
Series Century
Weight 2,570 kg
Capacity 4 persons
Driveline E-Four Advanced
Transmission Electric continuously variable transmission
Production Plant Tahara Plant

Toyota Century SUV Price In India

Although Toyota Century is exclusive to the Japanese Market as of now, it might be expanded to other markets as well, including India. Currently, the luxurious Toyota Century is unavailable in India. The Toyota Century SUV was launched in Japan at a price of 25 million JPY, which is approximately INR 1,40,73,685 in India.

Toyota Century SUV Price

The Toyota Century SUV will be fully customizable based on individual customer needs on a global scale. This will allow the customers to enhance and modify the features and other aspects of the Toyota Century SUV as per their liking and requirements.

Toyota Century SUV Features

Both the exterior and interior of the Toyota Century SUV give a luxurious feel. The exterior of the Century SUV is finished down to the finest details. The exterior of the Century SUV has a mirror finish and an exquisitely engraved phoenix emblem. Along with these, there are 4 sets of headlights and taillights available in the Toyota Century SUV.

The interior of Century SUV features a wide range of functionality for both driver and passengers. The luxurious Century SUV has a lot of interior space, which enables the vehicle to deliver the utmost comfort and functionalities that can be used in various situations. The rear seats are equipped with a fully reclining feature that allows the passengers to relax.

Moreover, the audio system of the Century SUV is made up of finely honed auditory sensibilities and technologies that deliver a comfortable listening space. These features make the passengers feel as if they are in a live performance. The sweeping cabin floor of the Century SUV provides excellent ease of entry as well as exit.

In addition, the rear doors can open to a 75-degree wide angle. The Toyota Century SUV comes with additional features, such as convenient automatic retractable power steps, C-pillar grips, a driving control system, and many other comfortability-enhancing features.

Toyota Century SUV Top Speed

The engine of the Toyota Century SUV is a 3.5 L 2GR-FXS V6 Petrol plug-in hybrid engine that can deliver a power output of 193 kW. The front uses a 5NM AC synchronous electric motor, while the rear uses a 1YM AC synchronous electric motor.

The combined power output of Toyota Century SUV’s engine and motors is 303 kW. In addition, the detailed specs of the Toyota Century SUV, such as top speed, dimension, engine, features, mileage, etc., can be checked by visiting the official website of Toyota.

Toyota Century SUV Mileage

The battery of the Century SUV is a 51-Ah lithium-ion battery, and the electric range of the Century SUV is 69 km. Additionally, clear laminated glass is used on the cabin side of the cargo space separator for privacy and noise reduction.

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The plug-in hybrid system of the Toyota Century SUV functions as a HEV and BEV for long-distance travel and short-distance travel, respectively. The powerful and featureful motor and engine ensure that the car can be used as a Chauffeur car, as well as for personal use.

Toyota Century SUV Photos

There are many photos of the Toyota Century SUV, which shows its luxurious looks. All the advanced and comfortable features of the Century SUV are enhanced with its luxurious looks. The length of Century SUV is 5,205 mm, the height is 1,805 mm, and the width is 1,990 mm.

Check the photos of the Toyota Century SUV –

Toyota Century SUV Photo

Toyota Century SUV

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