Tripti Dimri Biography, age, “Animal” viral girl, New National Crush

Tripti Dimri Biography Age Family Insta Page Followers. Animal Movie Viral Girl Videos Pic, Image Check Online, Boyfriend तृप्ति डिमरी कौन है? After the release of Animal Movie, one girl became famous in the entertainment industry as Tripti Dimri Animal Viral Girl. Due to this, many people want to know about Tripti Dimri’s Biography. So today we have come up with all the details which we have gathered from various sources. Due to this, all the people can know about this new girl.

Tripti Dimri Biography

Although Tripti Dimri is not the new artist. Because she has worked on many projects before. Due to this, we going to provide you with details for Tripti Dimri Biography who became famous for her work in animal movies. As we know recently animal movies have released in theaters. Although Rashmika Madaan is the main lead female character in this movie. But more limelight is attracted by the character of Tripti Dimri in this movie.

Tripti Dimri was born on 23rd Feb 1994. So through this, you can estimate Tripti Dimri’s Age exactly. Moreover, she has known as an indian actress who worked in many indian hindi films. However, she made he acting debut in the comedy movie known as Poster Boys in the year 2017. In that movie, she played roles with other many faces. After that, she got her lead role in the romantic movie known as Laila Majnu which came in 2018.

Animal Movie Viral Girl

However, she was recognized by critics after her performance in the movie Bulbbul which is a period film by Anvit Dutt. Now the fans who like her work want to know about Tripti Dimri’s Biography. As we know nowadays if the actor worked fabulously on their project then people give them recognition overnight. However, if they do work badly then they get trolled too.

She also worked in the Qala movie in 2022, and because of this movie, she was also nominated for best actress in web original movies. Tripti Dimri’s Biography details are now available. Because of this fans who want to know more about this Animal Viral Girl then they can know it finally. After that, you can check what she has done in her acting career. We also going to share the list of movies in which she has worked till now.

New National Crush

Tripti Dimri Biography: Movie List

  • Mom (in 2017)
  • Poster Boys (in 2017)
  • Laila Majnu (in 2018)
  • Bulbbul (in 2020)
  • Qala (in 2022)
  • Animal (in 2023)

There are two more movies which are on the list of this actress. So may also be able to see Tripti Dimri in two upcoming projects such as Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam which is under post-production. In addition, there is another project on which she is going to work Vicky Vidya Ka Woh Wala Video which is filming now. Tripti Dimri’s Biography and age details are now available.

Tripti Dimri Biography
Tripti Dimri Biography


Tripti Dimri Insta Page

Moreover, Tripti Dimri was also featured in Forbes Asia list 30 Under 30 List in 2021. This has played a supporting role in Animal movie which is nowadays a top-grossing action movie. But still, her role has recognized by audiences from all over india. Tripti Dimri’s Biography is also available. As we know Tripti Dimri has made her acting debut opposite Shreyas Talpade with famous stars such as Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol.

Title of Page Tripti Dimri Biography, Age, Animal Viral Girl
Name of Actress Tripti Dimri
Born On 23rd Feb 1994
Age 29 Years
Category of Article Biography, Age
Birthplace Uttarakhand, India
Years Active From 2017 to Present
Award Best Actress in a Web Original Film for Bulbbul Movie

She also worked in the supernatural drama which has Bulbbul in which she has a protagonist. In this movie, Tripti has paired with Avinash Tiwary. Moreover, this movie has produced by Anushka Sharma and this movie has received many positive reviews. Tripti Dimri’s Biography, Animal Viral Girl has available now. The audience also likes her previous role. Similarly, animal movie role has also like by many people.

Tripti Dimri Insta Videos

So more people have checked for the information on Tripti Dimri’s Biography. In addition, there have many critics also said she was a stunner who played her role very well. For the role of Bulbbul movie Tripti also won the award of Best Actress in Web Original Film in 2020. Although she has nominated for various awards but got awards for the Bulbbul movie.

According to the details, after the Animal movie, we can see Tripti in the next movie of Anand Tiwari Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam in which Vicky Kaushal plays the lead role. So we have to wait for this movie to watch her again. Till then you can enjoy her acting in her previous projects such as Mom, Poster Boys, Bulbbul, Laila Majnu, Animal, etc. Read all the details that have given online. through various portals.

Who is Animal Viral Girl

As we know, if you want to know about any actor or actress then you can check online. Similarly, Tripti Dimri’s Biography is also available online. She has become popular day by day. And if you have seen the Animal movie then she got famous with her bold role and became Animal Viral Girl. But to know what she has done in the movie you have to watch this new movie.

For her schooling information, Tripti Dimri has completed her school education at DPS Firozabad. After that, she completed a degree in Psychology through Sri Aurobindo College, Delhi University. Then she enrolled herself in the acting classes of FTII Pune. Tripti Dimri’s Biography also consists of her relationship details.

Tripti Dimri Boyfriend

Moreover, as per the coming reports, Tripti Dimri has dating Karnesh Sharma who is the brother of Anushka Sharma. This rumor has started from online social media posts. After that, many people have speculation about their relationship. Check Tripti Dimri’s Biography in which more details are given. Read the below given information. Because of this, you can learn more about Animal Viral Girl which has become a sensation with this newly released movie.

Animal Tripti Dimri Online

Full Name Tripti Dimri
Hometown Gharwal, Uttarakhand
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Nationality Indian
Net Worth 40 Crore (Present)
Latest Movie Animal
Year 2023
Coming Movie
  • Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam
  • Vicky Vidya Ka Woh Wala
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