Typhoon Mawar 2023 Trajectory, Path, Landfall, Windspeed, Route

Get to know the vital details on Typhoon Mawar 2023 Trajectory, Path, Landfall, Windspeed, and Route from here. 24th May 2023 was the day that proved to be a dark night for the individuals who are staying in Guam. The individuals have experienced Typhoon Mawar in different areas causing massive destruction. In this article, we will be discussing about the wind speed, path, and more information related to the current weather condition in the country and the world.

Typhoon Mawar 2023

For the past few hours, we are continuously getting updates on the weather conditions. At some of the locations, Typhoon is observed. Due to this, some geographical locations faced strong rains. This is not a good sign as summers are going on and the monsoon is yet to come. The individuals are signalled to stay safe at their respective homes.

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Typhoon Mawar 2023 entered Guam and is sooner reaching the US Territories as reported by some of the renowned news channels. The National Weather Service in Guam reported that this might be an indication of a hurricane. Typhoon Mawar has struck some islands leading to a condition of landfall.

Typhoon Mawar Trajectory

Many weather companies have reported heavy storms in some parts of India and other parts of the world. Before the arrival of the monsoon, these winds are causing harm to people and their property. The sudden change in the weather has also led people to suffer from the common cold and more infections.

Typhoon Mawar

On Thursday, the Philippines can experience the effects of the Typhoon. The Typhoon Mawar Trajectory was observed in the Northern part. The possibility is that the typhoon could make landfall in China.

Typhoon Mawar Path

Although Typhoon Mawar was 80 miles away from Guam, the effects of strong winds could be felt in the geographical area. Early in the morning, the winds were 140mph. The warning of a category 5 hurricane has been widespread by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center. Earlier, the typhoon was observed in southern Luzon (East-side) approximately 2150km away. But it soon entered PAR causing strong winds.

Typhoon Landfall

The sustained winds of 150mph were noted before the landfall. It is expected by some of the weather reports that Typhoon Mawar Landfall might occur as the heavy rains would be coming on Saturday this week. As the Mawar was moving gradually towards Northern Luzon, some specific areas experienced a landfall. However, no specific location is revealed yet. It is assumed that landfall might occur if the north and south regions will continue to face the challenges associated to the Typhoon.

Typhoon Mawar Windspeed

The people might be going to experience the highest and stronger winds in the coming weekend. They must not plan to move outside as they might get stuck in ge traffic and weather conditions.

The windspeed of 240 kph hit many islands around 9 PM when most people were in their personal spaces while some were struck in the traffic. The individuals have reported to the media that they have seen uprooted trees on the roads that blocked the entire way, roofs were blown away, and dust was all around.

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Typhoon Route

150000 people in the US Territory have experienced extreme conditions of Typhoons. This transformation has moved the spaces from the feet of the people. It was all unexpected and disastrous.

Some areas of Guam are suffering from floods. The roads are blocked and the regular needs are unable to be met. The typhoon is now moving at extreme speed towards west-northwestward as reported by PAGASA. Although the typhoon has not affected any particular area in a negative way. Still, people have to stay aware of such cyclones says the people associated with weather forecasts.


High alerts have been notified in some parts of the Northern Region. People must take precautions and stay in a safer place. The individuals must not plan an outing in such a condition. The weather conditions and the natural calamities are not under our control. The only thing which we can control is pollution, saving the environment & nature and maintaining it.

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