WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature, How to Use, Benefits

Get to know the amazing WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature, How to Use it, its Benefits and more from here. There were already several features of the WhatsApp application and even more when the Facebook owner bought it. Now, users can lock their chats for the ultimate security.

WhatsApp Chat Lock

Whatsapp was previously only used for chatting, but as functionality improved, most businesses have adopted it for their sake. They have created brand awareness, received payments and contacted several clients over WhatsApp.

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We will be discussing further on WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature in this article. Scroll down to know more.

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature

WhatsApp is continuously gaining trust of the customers and now it has come again with a fantastic feature. A new feature from Meta is here for WhatsApp users. It is known as Chat Lock. It is like locking your whole conversation.

Most times it happens that you are at work or somewhere else and you need to share your phone with someone, then you can use this feature. However, the launch date is not yet revealed by the owners, we have only this news with us.WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature

WhatsApp has ensured more privacy for the users. Now, they can lock a particular chat to secure it from being read by any other user. A password or a biometric system is used to protect these folders. The screen must be reloaded from the main screen to unlock the chats.

There are several issues to discuss with your close friends, boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend or bestie that you do not want to share with anyone else.  You can use this most incredible feature ever to secure your chats from a third eye.

End-to-end encryption, screenshot blocking, last seen, disappearing messages, encrypted backups, and more were some of the prominent features of the app. But now, the application is gaining insights from more customers; thus, it is enhancing its overall functionalities daily.

About WhatsApp Chat Lock

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile application that was launched in 2009, November for users. The application allows people to connect over a call, message, video call, voice note, share images & location and so much more. Currently, it is owned by Meta. WhatsApp is available for both Android and iOS users. The user has to simply download and install the application to access it. You can also use its web application on your laptop or desktop.

As per the recent news, Ashwini Vaishnaw (IT Minister) have mentioned Whatsapp as a secure app for users. The company owners have expressed their gratitude to the Minister for their appreciation.

Are people using WhatsApp? Like Really?

After the craze of Instagram Reels, we have hardly heard of anyone continuously using WhatsApp. People are mostly chatting or calling on Instagram.

WhatsApp has 1.6 Billion users worldwide with 2000 million active users a month. You can analyse by yourself from this data that WhatsApp is popular and will continue to be with these exaggerated features. Since 2009, the application has been widely used and it continues to be. There are several mobile applications out there but only some of them make it possible to gain success.

How to Use WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature?

With the WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature, the sender’s name and message will not be visible on the screen. Thus, protecting it from being seen by others. What you have to do is simply tap on a particular chat, then click on “lock chat.” This will lock your chat in the system. You can do the same for any WhatsApp group. If in case, you want to unlock a talk, then you will have to refresh the conversations and enter the password.

Face, pin or password or fingerprint are some of the types of authentication techniques that you can apply for the chat feature of the Whatsapp app. The following are the steps that you can implement to secure your conversation.

Step 1 Open the Whatsapp application

Step 2 Go to a Particular Chat

Step 3 Tap on chat info then click on “Chat lock”

Step 4 Use any authentication method as discussed above

Step 5 Now, check whether the chat has been successfully locked or not

In this way, you can easily save your chats. You can also visit the official website of WhatsApp to get the essential steps.

WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature Benefits

Here is another update coming from Mark Zuckerberg WhatsApp has introduced an advanced feature that will be going to protect your chats wherever you are! The chat features ensures safety to you when your phone is with someone. Or when you need to share your phone with any of your friends or a family member.

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You do not have to worry at all whether someone opens up your WhatsApp as well. Your chats will be hidden until you open them. Privacy is one of the supreme features of this application. Features like this are helpful to resolve cybersecurity issues. These are common especially in Gen Z when everyone access their phone for everything. Although everybody likes to have extra privacy!

You can always connect to WhatsApp customer service for whichever issue you face. You will be assisted properly by the service provider.

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