World Richest Man 2023 Top 10 Richest Man in the World List

World Richest Man 2023 Top 10 Richest Man in the World List with their net worth can be checked from this page. Billionaires play a vital role in building the economy of the World. They are the major reason to consider the development of any nation.

World Richest Man 2023

Thus the World is constantly stirring these billionaires to know their wealth and power. However, the net worth of the richest man in the world can fluctuate with market valuations. To evaluate their net worth, the American Business magazine Forbes biweekly published the list of Top Richest Men in the World.

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Forbes is considered the most reliable and genuine magazine. In this article, we will let you know the name of the Top 10 Richest Men in the World according to the Forbes magazine list. So keep reading the article to know the World’s Richest Man 2023.

World Richest Man 2023

Richest Man in the World

Bernard Arnault –  Net worth $ 211.3 Billion, Source – LVMH

Bernard Arnault, full name Bernard Jean Etienne Arnault, is a French Business magnate who owns the World’s largest luxury goods company, LVMH. Arnault founded the company in 1985, and the LVMH empire oversees more than 70 cosmetic and fashion brands, including Sephora and Louis Vuitton.

Arnault started his business by investing $ 15 million from his father’s construction business to buy Christian Dior in 1985. In 2019, the billionaire spent $ 3.2 billion on the luxury hospitality group Belmond, which owns 46 hotels, river cruises and trains. His family is considered the wealthiest family in the World, with four out of five children working in the LVMH empire. 

Elon Musk- Net Worth $180.4 billion, Source- Tesla, SpaceX

The American billionaire and the tech giant is the founder of six companies, including SpaceX and Tesla. Elon Musk is the CEO, Chairman and founder of SpaceX, founded in 2002 and is the 2nd Richest Man in the World 2023.

The company quadrupled its market value in the last three years, with a net worth of $ 127 billion. In addition, musk recently gained headlines after acquiring Twitter in 2022 for a whopping $ 44 billion. 

Jeff Bezos- Net Worth $ 114.0 billion, Source- Amazon

Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur and the founder and executive chairman of the multi-national company Amazon, the World’s largest online sales company. Bezos founded the company in 1994 during a road trip from New York City to Seattle.

The company began as an online bookstore and expanded to other products and services. Recently the billionaire donated more than $ 400 million to some non-profit organizations whose names are undisclosed. 

Larry Ellison- Net Worth $ 107.2 billion, Source – Oracle

The business tycoon is the chairman, chief technology officer and co-founder of the software company Oracle. Ellison owns 35% of company shares and withdraws himself from the post of CEO after serving for 37 years. In addition, Ellison owns about 15 million shares in the electric carmaker company Tesla. 

Warren Buffett- Net Worth $ 105.7 billion, Source- Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Edward Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is most famous for its investing qualities. But, apart from this, Buffett is a renowned philanthropist who donated most of his wealth to improve society.

So far, the U.S. congressman’s son has donated over $ 49 billion and has promised to donate 99% of his wealth. 

Bill Gates- Net Worth $ 104.1 billion, Source- Microsoft

Bill Gates, an American business magnate, is a major person responsible for the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. Bill Gates’s majority of its wealth is made by the software firm Microsoft.

The software giant, to date, has donated more than $ 59 billion to the Gates Foundation. Despite it, he was criticized for his business tactics in the 1990s.

Michael Bloomberg- Net Worth $ 94.5 billion, Source- Bloomberg LP

Michael Bloomberg, an American businessman, philanthropist, politician and author, holds the majority of shares of his founding company Bloomberg LP. He co-founded the media company in 1981.

Michael Bloomberg has recently become the Defence Innovation Board chair, which provides recommendations on AI, software, and data to the United States Department of Defense. 

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Carlos Slim Helu and Family- Net Worth $ 93.0 billion, Source- Telecom

The most prosperous Mexican businessman is at number eight on the Forbes list, with the majority of his wealth brought from Telecom. Apart from owning the biggest telecom firms in Mexico, the businessman owns stakes in real estate companies, mining and consumer goods. 

Mukesh Ambani- Net Worth $ 83.5 billion, Source- Reliance

Mukesh Ambani, the son of Dhirubhai Ambani, who founded Reliance Industries, is the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries ltd. The multi-billionaire businessman is Asia’s richest man. Ambani is turning Reliance into green energy by investing $ 80 billion in renewable energy. His younger son Anant Ambani has been instated into the new business. 

Steve Ballmer-  Net Worth $ 80.7 billion, Source- Microsoft

The former CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, is a famous philanthropist. Microsoft tripled its sales and multiplied its profit twice during his tenure. Still, the tech giant loses its market dominance on 21st-century technology trends with the invention of the iPhone and Android. 

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134 thoughts on “World Richest Man 2023 Top 10 Richest Man in the World List”

  1. These people must be the most unfortunate and wretched people in the world. They continue to work for money finding no time for humane work for poor peoplr

    • Bill Gates is retired and his foundation gives money to causes that help humanity and the poor all over the world. Actually, he and Warren Buffett have formed a group for billionaires and millionaires to vow to leave almost all of their wealth to charitable causes as they age and pass. Many wealthy people have joined. Could many wealthy people do more for humanity? Certainly yes, but you can’t lump all wealthy folks into one uncaring basket.

      • The wealth 🤑 is not permanent.If all of them spend only 1 percent on poor people so They all will be in million people heart ❤️. And no one will poor in world.

        • Despite all the money aliko Dangote has and we the Africans thought he will be included among the top 50th richest men in the whole world,but unfortunately for him ,he is not part of them…this people live a competitive life and work hard to earn a living and at the same time the money is not permanent for enjoyment,they should try to at least help the needy , many of our brothers and sisters are starving to death just because they can’t afford a 2 square meal a day,my advice is to them is to do the needful by assisting others and by doing that they will won the hearts of many.

          • At most they are rich,but how could they helped the poor and third word countries? perhaps they use 1%of their net worth,they will be no poor in the world, for self actualization, at least to let those in vicious circle of poverty deliberately to feel they are living!it would be a great legacy ever in 21 century

          • I have read through most of the comments here seeing how most people are criticising the rich, one thing we should understand is that no matter how big your heart is towards charity, you can not satisfy everyone, if all of us starting from the least to the highest can contribute to humanity in our own little ways, I think the world will be a better place for everyone.

        • Yes, of course they will get poor again…most of poor people do not the the mindset and the proper education to keep or double the money received…they just gonna’ spend and spend and money will go and they will be again poor in 10 years…

          • What are insinuating?
            Do you mean if you spend money on poor people them will waste it ? Haha this is wickedness and stinginess.
            Haven’t you seen uneducated people who own a business and need money to feed their business?
            And moreover this charity is out of kindness.
            If you have a good and kind heart,you Will spend on the poor

          • The lack financial knowledge which is key to everything, cos they will not reach you this in school

          • Africa is poor because the Western world steals her resources and places corrupt African leaders to keep us down. Remove these two hurdles and there will be no poor people in Africa, instead the Western world will be become beggars

        • Handouts are not sustainable, but creations of permanent income earning jobs which can employ many many people. State farms with free accommodation to produce produce to feed industries and human beings.

      • So shame.Still the people are dying of hunger,no medicine in so many countries, people around the world are dying of malnutrition.

        Around the world millions of people have no homes.

        All fake. They are business people they need profit out of every thing

      • Bill Gates also has the dubious distinction of being an investor in large pharma companies, which makes unscrupulous profits from peoples illnesses the world over. So all that money he invests in charities, is an investment to rake in more money, while at the same time he remains one of the top philanthropists of the world. Sad indeed.

        • In summary, he makes profits from both the poor and the rich illness,and gives back to the poor as a philanthropist.

          Yet is a wicked man. Surprised not at all. Even the one who saved us from damnation his disregarded.

          Let alone ordinary billionaire.

      • Good to hear this charitable initiative formed by the wealthiest men.
        Please let some people who need humanitarian support get assistance from this initiative which would be greatly appreciated.
        And ANDEW, if you would know any further on how funds are dispursed, please let me know

      • If only someone can assist me with a capital of only 50000 dollars, I can do wonders. I have projects that have very low funding

      • Thanks for all your time and only then will my lucky to be in my life is good for me as I am a long way from your time ago Sir.

      • I think
        You are disillusional about Gates he is part of ILLUMINATI that you liked or not! HE doesn’t do charity !

      • these people , the global elites are pure evil…they donate money for TAX BREAKS, THEY CARE NOTHING FOR HUMANITY…DO SOME RESEARCH ON THESE PEOPLE..THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY PORTRAY TO BE.

      • I Abel Imbu, Papua New Guinean who need help from you to help the poor here.
        We are independent nation yet we depend upon aids to provide necessary basic services like sanitary, infrastructure, school and other activities that help sustain people’s lives.
        Therefore, I kindly request to your foundation for help.

      • The wealth if shared to support the unfortunate needy and those of us struggling in life will be a blessing, a blessing permanently to those richest people who give open heartedly

      • It’s a pleasure for me to glance through those top billionars in the world, how they have started and where they are now. I’m from developing country that is rich in mineral but our government does not look into our needs. The standard of living is very poor which needs money to improve but there is no excess for it…We have writing to non government organizations to help us through our small business like operating trade stores but they didn’t respond well to us as well. Therfore, as being a poor and orphan, I’m writing to your attention if there is any charity for the needy and poor people like me………..your kind understanding and consideration will be highly appreciated………..Thankyou….

    • A. Many of them donate billions to charitable causes.
      B. Expanding businesses, thereby creating millions of jobs, directly AND indirectly is also a kind of “humane” activity.
      C. Being rich doesn’t mean they are unhappy, wretched or unfortunate…as long as the wealth is made ethically & thru hard work – and NOT thru corruption

    • Perfect Reply. We can get satisfaction from wealth. They r living for money and forget the object of the life.

    • Quite surprising for you to say that. These people have created millions of jobs directly or indirectly. Yes they were smart enough to find investors who made them what they are. Everyone started small.

    • Rajaram while I am concerned about the poor in our midst, I think the rich has a right to spend their money as they wish. My experience with the poor (very sad though) is that, the poor likes to stay poor. They hardly want to leave their comfort zone. They resigned to mental poverty and live a life of carelessness. I may sound mean but in my country, the poor sell their votes to the rich and the rich in turn treat them badly. Give a poor man job, he starts to live a careless life that is if he stays on the job.

      To be rich or to live comfortably, the society must make a conscious effort. Unfortunately, the countries where poverty avails, the mentality is very poor.

    • These are smart people that are willing to make it happen. They have added value to the world. They owe nothing to the world especially the poor. They have earned it, they should enjoy it. Having said that, those that enrich themselves through devious means or exploitation will pay in the long run

    • I think having given employment to thousands is more than enough.
      If they stop working then many more will not opportunities in employment.

    • Philippines is a rich country with some resources like mineral deposit of gold copper, vast of bussiness and etc. Yet, around 60 percent of Pilipinos are very poor while 25 percent poor, 15 percent are middle ncome or bit lower than middle class and millionaire or even a billionaire the least. It has a practice of being a corrupt government official usually. If only no more corrupt life is better and probably it is in horizontal level in financial status of all Pilipinos. To find the truth 9lease visit tge Philippines, you might help us well. This sort of idea giving notice to all billionaire out there. Please help the Phillipines.

    • Help african poverty and wars country and humanity its very important richest is the process of finding fighting and saving so i apreciate all

  2. It’s remarkable to see the amount of wealth that these individuals have amassed, and it’s a testament to their hard work, dedication, and business acumen. However, it’s also important to remember that wealth doesn’t always equate to happiness or success.

  3. Hi what about the richest person pakistani is he MR ASIF ALI ZARDARI X PRESIDENT of PAKISTAN. PLEASE UPDATE.


    • Although he is a corrupt person in Pakistan, yet he can’t be included in the richest persons of the world.

      Regards: Doctor Ayaz

      • Black money asif zardari have generated if be counted than he will become the richest person in the world. With his white money he is counted as a millionaire and his Black money is 100 times more than his white money, imagine how much money he have.

    • Thanks to the Almighty God for them for their riches and other wealth accumulated over the years. I am very happy for them, but they must always remember the existence of God, and not forget about the poor.

      Philip A. Zodua

    • Sorry bro he may be rich or billionaire in your local currency or not in the top 10 here we are talking of billionaires in Euro and dollars so he might be rich but he is not that rich to be classified amongst the top 10 in the world 🌎🌍 sorry 😔😔

    • No. Shahid Khan is the richest person of Pakistan. According to the data updated on 20 May 2022. His net worth is 8.5 Billion USD. His main source of income is FLEX N GATES, which is an automobile parts manufacturing company.

      However Asif Ali Zardari owns just 1.8B USD. He is the fourth richest person of Pakistan. But still unconfirmed. You should know that these are all censored data statistics about these political people.

  4. Glory to God! I like the efforts and determinations made by these profiles. I thank God for you all. Work towards the wellbeing of humanity. That’s the ultimate plan of God through your riches

  5. Wow that is good. Having all those riches is a blessing and indeed a product of their hard works. Now for it to multiply even more, they should remember giving out some of it to the poor.

  6. Thanks God,
    Companies related to fire and war are out of race.
    It is now communication, comfort, hospitality and green energy.
    Long live humanity.

    • Very true. Hard work and business acumen have put them on top. Looks like fashion industry has beaten software industry.

  7. I connect to your blessings and achievements while I remain humbled and hardworking my name will appear on this list some day it’s never too late GOD BLESS THE WORLD 🌍

  8. Kinda disgusting to actually prove that 1% really own 90% while the rest of the world fights to survive. Don’t start quoting how much they donate either or provide because it doesn’t help everyone either; plus it’s also a tax write-off. And zero are female.

  9. Most of these wealthy men have continued to amass alot of wealth coz most of them understand the meaning of giving willing n giving back to society n our Good lord loves a cheerful giver so don’t be suprised if he keeps blessing them especially those who have always been in the world richest names from years years back some certainly know God too n he will definitely blessing those who do his will but the world is changing n soon the true kindgom men n women will possess their possessions n occupy anything wealth or out coz God is reading his scripts using those who desire him n are ready to drop everything and carry his cross

  10. Elon musk is still occupying the top , very soon he will dance to a song of loss if he don’t limit how he buy things ): though he is a wise man lol

  11. I have not seen my current president Dr William Samoei Luton on the list. He has gone away with all our subsidies from unga to high education, Helb loan na bado sio billionaire 🤦🤦

  12. I’m really impressed for these top 10 richest people in the world. It’s all about commitment and sacrifices to become who they are.
    It is really challenging for the world to try and become like a billionaire.

  13. The wealth we have is a blessing from the Creator, as king Solomon once said” here we came nacked and there we’ll go the same way. Vanity of vanity, everything is nothing.” You can have everything in your life but you cannot catch the wind, so as life comes this way and will go that way, but remember sharing and helping the poor’s and those who are in need is what the LORD wants. Through sharing and helping, you can store up your wealth also in heaven.

  14. My name is bashir afzal from Pakistan and work in Dubai. I request to give me some money for my life. Please please

  15. I’m a young man from Africa trying to make living and helping my family back home can someone help me with some the family is big for one person

  16. LIFE is strange !!!
    You come with nothing and
    fight for everything
    And in the end,
    You leave everything and
    go with nothing.

  17. Why is my name not on the list, i dream every night always a billionaire in $ in my dream.
    The only problem is i wake up broke 😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Best way to help the poor is to first get to know them next find whats is their trade then provide a job or training for the job. Free money and food only last a short time but a career is much better overall.

  19. You, knowingly, ignored me and my wealth, who is the owner of depthy peace, pink colored, joyful and so much more….and hence to be the richest poor person in the world.

  20. You people keep saying, help help help the poor,

    How many help has been sent and got hijacked by representatives or government officials?

    Take an example of covid-19 palliative sent for the Nigerian people but never got to the common man on the street.

  21. If their money help the needy/poor that’s good I get happy because I also think of doing the same just that our hands low

  22. Riches worth anything are NOT what the world gives for it means NOTHING to you when you leave the world when you die . That’s why Jesus told the rich man to give all his possessions to the poor and follow Him. The gap between the riçh and poor is getting bigger all the time which means that all the wealth of the world is going into the wealthy persons pocket while the poor struggle to even live . The rich get richer because that is what they strive for in life….and all for nothing when they die and end in eternity with NOTHING . Moral is…build up heavenly riches ….not earthly wealth !

  23. Who knows. Maybe my helper have been scrolling down since……
    My wedding is fast approaching please…
    Muhammad Ibrahim
    Access Bank

  24. Riches are obtained through knowledge and by choice, because you can be knowledgeable but you can choose to be poor by not applying the knowledge you have to change your condition, therefore it is not true that there are people who are born rich, but the truth is many people inherit their riches from their fathers and grandfathers companies, and the reason many people are poor, is because their fathers and grandfathers were poor, but still even though you came from poor family you can still change the history of your grandfathers, only by confessing with your mouth and from your heart that, JESUS CHRIST is LORD of your life from this day and forward. Thank you God bless you.

  25. This is fabulous sums of money! If they really care and anyone else care too, then I’m using this opportunity for anyone to bless me with the sum of $100,000 on this account number 11051004653 UBA Bank Cameroon. This would be the most astonishing event and a memory to treasure on in my life… I will very much appreciate it…

  26. If you have internet in Africa, you are not poor. Quit asking for money here . It is very shameful!!
    Have some dignity.

  27. They are self centered. For the moment. While millions of educated immigrants and non educated try to have a normal life. They are given hard times. Low paying jobs and threaten to
    Return to an impoverishment, that continues to go unnoticed. They only need an opportunity to be treated equal and to thrive.

  28. First of all, these men became rich because of their own hardwork and effort, so why complain and come up with all sorts of discriminating comments.
    Since they are rich and have the power to help the poor in whatever way they can than let them do it in their way because you people have not help them to their hardwork and sleepless nights they have come across to begin who they are today. Therefore, all you people should do part in aiding for the poor and let them do their part helping the poor. Thank you…That is just my opinion.


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